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Victoria Justice Wrestling/ Fighting 2018-02-15
Can MMA trained actress and singer Victoria Justice defeat a male one on one?
Gauntlet part 3 2018-02-15
Lucy has won the first two matches in her gauntlet. Her final opponent before she gets to face Ra...
CARDI B fight/wrestling 2018-02-06
Mixed wrestling / fighting cardi B fantasy story
Mixed Wrestling Nikki Bella 2018-02-06
Multiple choice is back! WWE superstar Nikki Bella destroys the Woman's division but can she defe...
Emilia Clarke Wrestling/ Fighting 2018-02-06
Multiple choice is back! Can Game of Thrones & Solo star Emilia Clarke defeat a male in combat?
Kelly Brook Mixed Wrestling 2018-01-22
Could the MMA trained Kelly Brook defeat a male in one on one combat? Remember to copy paste your...
Famous Taylor Swift Songs 2018-01-11 (closed)
top hits and famous hit song from taylor swift
Female Celebrity clones, - Catfight or romantic love making? Or both? 2018-01-02 (closed)
Britney & Britney? Kylie v Kylie? Beyonce & Beyonce sexfight? Ladies Ga-ga orgy? ......?
Iggy azelea mixed wrestling /fighting 2017-12-26
Iggy azelea mixed wrestling /fighting
Kim Kardashian Wrestling/ Fighting 2017-10-25
How would Kim defeat a male in mixed combat?
Sommer Ray mixed wrestling/fighting 2017-10-14
Sommer Ray mixed wrestling/fighting
Wrestling Female Celebrities 2017-10-14
Which actress, model or athlete would be able to defeat a male in a wrestling match?
The Star and the Rising Sun 2017-09-27
Emma Watson in a fight with Japanese celebrities
british love affair 2017-09-20
emma watson and her colleagues - at their prime...
Fantasy poll: celebrity teacher wrestling 2017-09-19
A fantasy wrestling match between you in a celebrity either you are the teacher or the celebrity is
Emma Watson Wrestling/ Fighting 2017-09-07
Emma Watson has destroyed plenty of women, but can she defeat a male in a wrestling match or figh...
Nicola Peltz wrestling 2017-09-02
Who wins, Nicola or her opponent?
Cute Girls Catfight 2017-09-02
Who wins in a catty fight?
oh no, not another anglo-indian semi-final! 2017-09-02
a fierce battle!
Pretty girls vs Emma Watson 2017-08-31
Who is stronger?
Which Emmas are strong 2017-08-31
Strongest young Emma...
3 vs 3 Celebrity Wrestling: Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Brie Larson & Bryce Howard 2017-08-30
If Mary Winstead, Brie Larson & Bryce Dallas Howard took on a team of three male opponents wh...
Anna Kendrick Mixed Wrestling 2017-08-21
Could the small but scrappy Anna Kendrick defeat a male opponent in a wrestling match? Check my p...
Gauntlet second fall 2017-08-15 (closed)
Lucy won against Samantha Hoopes, although she didn't escape unscathed, she is tired after a 10 m...
Best women in the world 2017-08-08
Let's have fun with the best looking celebrities in the world