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Super Villians and Heros 2004-05-27
About Super villians and super heros and gyro rolls
Harry Potter Books 2004-11-10
How would you rate J.K Rowling's bestsellers, Harry Potter?
Fantasy-book of 2004 2004-12-03
2004 was a year, rich with interesting and enjoyable fantasy novels. But which one is the best?
X-Men vs. Justice League 2005-01-26
Vote for your favorite X-Man or the JL hero.
Best Book Ever Contest Round 2 2005-03-08
Which Book is the best?
Favorite MAGAZINES Poll 2005-04-26
Tell me your favorites.
Harry Potter Obsession 2005-05-21
How obsessed are you with Harry Potter?
would you? 2005-05-27
i just want to know. anyone can take this poll i dont care who.
HARRY POTTER! 2005-06-21
Pealse take this poll!
My Fantasy Trilogy 2005-07-05
I'm writing a fantasy trilogy. Thanks for taking the poll.
Superman vs. Batman 2005-07-06
Superman or Batman
Batman vs Captain America 2005-09-12
Two Universes, two heroes - one winner
Ultimant Comic Poll 2005-10-20
In the world of comics there are many heros and villans, the question is who is the strongest?
Avengers versus X-Men 2005-11-09
Greatest Super Fight of All Time!
Where's Waldo vs. I Spy 2005-11-15
Your opinion on the search-and-find books.
Which is the best superhero-movie? 2005-11-18
Which movie is the best?
Do you relate what you read to how you live? 2005-12-07
Have you ever read a book or a poem and thought, "Hey, I can really get into this....It is s...
Harry Potter 2005-12-24
The popular book series by J.K Rowling
Why would you read a book? 2006-03-04
Another piece of randomness from Challa's genius...
Wath do you read? 2006-03-15
How much you read?
super hero battles 2006-03-21
hello,my poll is about super heros and super villains battaling each other alond with tv and vidi...
Woleverine vs Batman 2006-04-04
Who would honestly win in a fight between these to famouse "anti" heros... Claws vs bra...
Dream Comic Book Battles 2006-04-04
This is some of the best comic book battles I could think of, Yes I know some of this battles hav...
Harry Potter: Book - Film 2006-04-12
The Harry Potter books we all know and love (if you don't, why are you reading this?) have been m...
super hero war 2006-04-17
my poll is about almost every superhero/villain i know of battaling each other,dont always go wit...