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The books you read . . . 2006-01-22
This poll is part of my statistics project. I want to find out what the most popular genre of bo...
Who would win? 2006-02-15
Ever wonder which characters from whatever would win in a duel?
What are elves like? 2006-02-16
There are several completely different approaches concerning the character and nature of elves in...
For girls that like slash fiction and/or yaoi 2006-02-22
Just what it says.
Dream Comic Book Battles 2006-04-04
This is some of the best comic book battles I could think of, Yes I know some of this battles hav...
Harry potter vs Spiderman 2006-07-08
Magic or technology! fantasy or sci-fi! wizardry or science! wizard or a superhero! YOU DECIDE!!!
The Ultimate Superhero Poll 2006-07-13
This poll is about everything superheroes.
X-Men Training Matches 2006-07-26
Pic the winner in each battle
cage match comicbook style 2006-08-18
these is just one quistion with some of the strongest people ever
superhero mega fights 2006-08-29
greatest hereo fights
rad hero fights 2006-09-18
super fights that are really cool
The Saga of Dune 2006-09-25
For all the lovers of Frank Herbert's classic Dune series and the expansion by Brian Herbert and ...
Which one of my plot Idea's should become a book? 2006-11-28
I have some idea's for some books though I'm unsure which one to use.
YA 2007-02-13
A survey of teens and books, conducting for school.
Will Harry die in Deathly Hallows? 2007-02-28
HP 7
Horror Novels 2007-03-01
This is a poll to see which of these horror novels you guys and gals have read. I've listed a lo...
Stephanie Plum Series: Joe vs. Ranger? 2007-04-19
Which hero in the Stephanie Plum series would you like Stephanie to end up with?
snape good or evil? 2007-05-08
is snape good or evil
Xmen 2007-06-09
X fans take this quiz
who will die in harry potter 7 2007-06-18
harry potter and the deathly hallows is coming in july. this is a poll where you can vote on who ...
Marvel vs Marvel 2007-06-25
Who is Mightier
Star Wars: Legacy Of The Force 2007-07-28
I want to know all you star wars fan's thoughts on this new series.
Classic Fantasies 2007-08-04
Which is best?
Superheroes 2007-11-27
This poll will show whos who. (not wolverine)
PDF Converter for Blogs 2008-02-05
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