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X-Men Training Matches 2006-07-26
Pic the winner in each battle
superhero mega fights 2006-08-29
greatest hereo fights
the movers and shakers of the superhero universe 2006-12-24
this is gonna be a long one
Harry Potter vs LOTR vs Narnia vs Eragon 2007-01-23
Which of these 4 popular novels has the best story?
YA 2007-02-13
A survey of teens and books, conducting for school.
Will Harry die in Deathly Hallows? 2007-02-28
HP 7
Horror Novels 2007-03-01
This is a poll to see which of these horror novels you guys and gals have read. I've listed a lo...
snape good or evil? 2007-05-08
is snape good or evil
Xmen 2007-06-09
X fans take this quiz
who will die in harry potter 7 2007-06-18
harry potter and the deathly hallows is coming in july. this is a poll where you can vote on who ...
Star Wars: Legacy Of The Force 2007-07-28
I want to know all you star wars fan's thoughts on this new series.
Classic Fantasies 2007-08-04
Which is best?
spiderman villians face off 2007-10-07
who beats who in spidey's villian gallery?
Superheroes 2007-11-27
This poll will show whos who. (not wolverine)
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2008-03-31
All about the book. If you haven't read it yet, dont take this poll! It contains spoilers!
Archie Comics 2008-06-09
This poll is about the Archie Comic Charaters.
Marvel vs. DC 2008-06-27
Who would win in this amazing fight.
Switch to boxers 2008-06-27
How should i tell my parents that I want to wear boxers
superheroes 2008-06-27
It has lots of marvel and dc and some peoplie you did not hear of.
Comics 2008-07-17
What is your favourite comic type
Superman or SuperGirl? 2008-08-25
Superman or SuperGirl?
Princess Sally Acorn, Love or Hate? 2008-10-04
Princess Sally Acorn, Love or Hate?
Which character would you most like to see return? 2009-01-03
Which character would you most like to see return?
Greatest Comic Villain 2009-02-21
The greatest villains are without a doubt from the human imagination in the form of comic. Decide...
Imran Series 2009-03-28
Imran Series is Pakistani Ibn-e-Safi’s least best-selling Urdu spy novels series. The first nov...