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superheroes 2008-06-27
It has lots of marvel and dc and some peoplie you did not hear of.
Princess Sally Acorn, Love or Hate? 2008-10-04
Princess Sally Acorn, Love or Hate?
Stephen King's Night Shift 2009-01-13
Stephen King's Night Shift
Greatest Comic Villain 2009-02-21
The greatest villains are without a doubt from the human imagination in the form of comic. Decide...
Imran Series 2009-03-28
Imran Series is Pakistani Ibn-e-Safi’s least best-selling Urdu spy novels series. The first nov...
Mystic World 2009-07-05
Many book are in a fantasy world wher there is magic and dragons. Intelligent non-human races, ga...
Changes to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2009-07-21
Changes to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
What do you want in a book? 2009-08-31
I've started writing something but I've hit a few dead ends, and besides that I don't know what p...
FREAK THE NOVEL - Title for 8 VALKYRIES project 2009-09-02
Greetings to all, My name is Gregory (a.k.a. "Fallen Angel"). A few months ago, whil...
A Magazine Reading Poll 2009-10-14
To find out which type of magazines people like to read
Superheroes Fight 2009-11-07
Pick the winner of each fight. In each fight, the heroes are fighting for keeps, no punches pull...
Lord of the Rings vs Harry Potter 2010-04-08
Lord of the Rings vs Harry Potter
Marvel battles 2010-04-24
Almost every body in marvel that you can thing of, heros,villians, and even some dc characters!
Time travel ideas 2010-05-03
I want to write a story and need to figure out the best way to end it
Photography Magazine 2011-03-29
For a university project I'm designing a magazine for beginner photographers, involving tutorials...
Which book series would you suggest I read? 2012-02-06
I am going on a trip come March and want some good books to read?
If tumblr was a person, would they be male or female? 2012-05-10
I am creating a series which I will not reveal details. It involves websites.
What kind of stories do you like? 2012-06-20
I was just wondering what type of stories people like to read, it's always fun to get to see how ...
If you were a Mermaid 2012-07-11
If you were a mermaid what kind would you be? :)
What Are Your Reading Preferences Survey 2012-07-23
I'm writing a novel and want to see what types of readers are out there :) If you like to read, ...
Favorite Harry Potter book/movie? 2012-08-15
Favorite Harry Potter book/movie?
Fantastic Four poll 2012-08-20
Fantastic Four poll
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone 2012-08-20
Are you sure you know the book well? Test your knowledge with this poll!!
Library Usage 2012-12-04
This poll is to measure how much the average person knows about their public library's sources as...
Books: Print or Electronic? 2013-06-24
Ever since Gutenberg invented the printing press in the fifteenth century, print was virtually th...