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Superpowers 2006-10-08
X men, Superman returns, Harry Potter. Movies with great magical qualities or incredible supernat...
Stephen King's Night Shift 2009-01-13
Stephen King's Night Shift
choose your own adventure 2009-03-11
are you a choose your own adventure fanatic?!
harry potter favorites 2009-05-18
harry potter favorites
Have you ever been to a psychologist? 2009-12-12
Have you ever been to a psychologist?
Would you read? 2013-01-14
Would you read a book about any of these things?
reading 2013-05-13
do you like to read?
Boys who read girl magazines 2014-03-03
Boys who read girl magazines
Should the Beano comic change paper format? 2015-12-02
Should the Beano comic change paper format?
Which Batman villian is the coolest? 2001-12-12
There are lots of villans, but which is the best?
X-MENS BEAST 2002-01-03
The creators at marvel have recently desided to change to appearance of one of the x-mens best lo...
Books 2002-04-29
Superman vs Captain Marvel: Armswrestling Battle 2002-10-13
Who's got the Super-Strongest Bicep in the Universe!?? Who's "Gunz" are Number 1!? We'...
Comic Characters Fight 2003-04-24
Who would win in a fight
Which X-Men character is your favorite? 2004-09-03
Don't take this seriously.
Harry Potter in it's Perfect Poll 2005-10-08
This poll all about the Potter movies, books, the characters, and its celebrities.
Harry Potter... 3 questions 2005-11-15
Hoping that you can provide the popular opinion on three questions I've been wondering about.
Alice in Wonderland title 2005-11-24
A hard bit o' trivia
Is Superman or Batman a better superhero? 2006-01-03
so what do you think?...if you had to choose one or the other which would it be??
Who is the best superhero? 2006-03-25
Taking into account powers abilities and weaknesses who is the best superhero?
Woleverine vs Batman 2006-04-04
Who would honestly win in a fight between these to famouse "anti" heros... Claws vs bra...
Superhero Battles 2006-05-09
This poll is designed to match some of the comic book world's most powerful superheroes against o...
Do you hate Harry Potter? 2006-06-10
I personally hate Harry Potter(and a large part of the books) and I want to know whether you hate...
Superman vs juggernaut 2006-07-04
Who win in a battle?
superhero showdown 2006-08-26
heros fight against each other