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Sigrid vs. Claudia 2016-09-13
Spanish comic's heroines. Sigrid (the blonde) vs. Claudia (the brunette) <img src="ht...
Spirituality/Religion Books 2001-06-21
What books on religion & spirituality do you read or buy? Why?
Book VS T.V. 2001-09-29
This has been a debate among my friends and I. What do you think.
Superman vs Wolverine 2005-02-11
This is a short poll about superheroes
MARVEL VS. DC 2007-09-04
Which is better?
Your Favorite The Outsiders Character 2008-06-07
Best book of all time! 2008-08-02
Which book do you think is the best of all time!
Hogwarts Fights 2010-06-01
Choose who would win in each of these kinds of fights
Superhero Fights 2011-01-18
Superhero Fights
Favourite Harry Potter Characters - the ones that often get overlooked! 2011-08-08
Favourite Harry Potter Characters - the ones that often get overlooked!
Which book/seires should I read next? 2013-02-27
These are all the books I have on my to read list and want help picking where to begin.
Which is yor favourite British Comic? 2015-05-19
It's the Beano vs the Dandy.
Comics Poll 2001-12-06
Into comics? Share your opinions, make a difference. Or not.
best nude magazines 2003-07-08
nude magazines
Which X-Men character is your favorite? 2004-09-03
Don't take this seriously.
Harry Potter 2005-12-09
General Harry Potter poll
Who is your Favorite Comic Super Hero? 2006-03-31
Favorite Comic Superhero
Sex or no sex - that's the question 2006-04-19
In fiction, when it comes to sex, what do you like?
Superhero strength 2009-11-10
Superhero strength
Marvel battles 2010-04-24
Almost every body in marvel that you can thing of, heros,villians, and even some dc characters!
Percy Jackson Favrites 2010-10-16
Percy Jackson Favrites
Me and my friend are in a "debate" on which is better I would make on about both unive...
Marvel vs. DC Superheroes 2013-02-25
I just made some match-ups for a Marvel and a DC. Take your picks.
BEST COMIC 2001-12-12
All of these comics are good, but which is the best???
Superman vs Captain Marvel: Armswrestling Battle 2002-10-13
Who's got the Super-Strongest Bicep in the Universe!?? Who's "Gunz" are Number 1!? We'...