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Best Harry Potter Character 2006-08-17
Who do you find the best Harry Potter character? Not in terms of favorites, but which character d...
What should I do the next time I am in the locker room? 2010-06-15
Whatever the results are, I will do this. I'm a guy bdw
Favorite Harry Potter Character 2011-06-04
Favorite Harry Potter Character
The Incredible Hulk VS King Kong: Who would win? 2012-05-04
A real clash of the titans. Who would win in a no holds barred battle to the death? Hulk, a gamma...
The Sandman 2014-09-19
A poll about Neil Gaiman's graphic novel series...
DC vs Marvel 2005-08-01
This poll is to see if DC or Marvels characters are better then the others
Superman vs. Thor vs. Hulk vs. Wonder Woman 2006-12-18
Who would win?
Marvel Vs. DC Battle 2010-12-08
Marvel Vs. DC Battle
Children's Human Body/Going to the Doctor Books 2013-05-20
Children's Human Body/Going to the Doctor Books
Marvel Movies 2014-07-29
Which is your favorite?
have you joined mister poll 2015-05-19
vote now!!!!!!!!!!!!
Topic of my next book? 2015-07-22
What should be the topic of my next book? 1. Rise of ISIS 2. Who are the Islamists? 3. Obama...
Your Favorite Narnia Book 2006-02-03
Which book was your favorite?
Twilight vs harry potter 2008-10-18
I would like to ask you witch one do you like the best!!!!
Who is Your Favorite Superhero? 2011-02-10
What is your favorite superhero based off of the short selection here? This selection is based of...
What does realism mean to you? 2014-09-19
As regards fiction, what are your thoughts on realism as a genre or method? Your candor is apprec...
Everything Harry Potter 2005-07-08
The titles pretty self-explanatory.
Best Dan Brown book 2005-11-09
Dan Brown; one of the most phenominal authors around...
Elimination on Object Show 2015-05-04
Elimination on Object Show
Who Is Better 2015-06-03
I have a wattpad.com account @Eeshu_10 and I need an actress playing the role of Elexabeth in &qu...
Who is the best X-men character of all time? 2000-12-12
Hello my name is...um...let's just say ROUGE. Hi! My name is ROUGE and this is my poll. Please ...
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland 2009-01-14
I'm doing an art project on Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, and I need to know which scene (cha...
Boys who read this magazine 2015-01-06
Seventeen magazine readers who are boys between 5 and 17.
Defeating Black Widow 2016-12-26
What would it take for you to defeat Marvel Comics's Black Widow in a fight?
Favorite Comic Book Company 2001-08-11
Choose your favorite comic company -DC or Marvel-