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Anime vs Marvel Series 2009-06-05
Anime vs Marvel Series
Books 1? 2009-06-12
Of the two choices, which would you rather read (even if you didn't want to read either of them, ...
Stephanie Plum-Ranger Fans 2009-07-03
In an interview earlier this year, Janet Evanovich called fans of her character, Ranger Manoso, &...
Spanish comic I 2009-08-05
Axa vs Modesty Blaise vs Barbara de Barreiro
Which Winx Charmix You like the most?? 2009-08-31
Which Winx Charmix You like the most??
Favorite Books 2009-11-15
Choose your favorite books
The Green Lantern - Superpower or Technology? 2010-02-05
In the world of Super Heros, is The Green Lantern's super-power, his ring, a real super-power or ...
Xmen vs JLA 2010-05-05
xmen or justice league?
Favourite Book Genre. 2010-07-17
What is your favourite book genre!
What sounds better for the title of my book series? 2010-07-26
I'm writing a series of books, and was wondering what sounded better: The Chronicles of Era, or T...
They always say the book is better than the movie? 2010-11-07
Why is the book better than the movie. I'll give you two options why it may be and you decide wh...
A Philosopher or a Novelist 2010-11-07
Which would you rather be, a great philosopher, or a great novelist ... and why?
Did you like the books you read in high school? 2011-03-21
Did you like the books you read in high school?
Write a short story in 100 words or less 2011-04-01
Write a short story in 100 words or less
for ladys- a novel affair 2011-04-01
The best novel series for girls. I include only ones with 20 or more volumes.
What Story Title Catches Your Eye Best? 2011-06-08
This one's for my Code Lyoko fanfic, and what episode title to start up with.
The best of the 52 2011-09-27
This poll pretends to rank the new 52 #1s as they come out.
eReader vs. Print Book 2011-11-20
I'm gathering information for a statistics project at school. Participation is appreciated! :)
Inheritance Cycle Favorites 2011-12-07
Inheritance Cycle Favorites
comic book shops 2012-01-03
doing a little research and would appreciate any help you can give filling out some information.
Who is our Hero or Heroine? 2012-01-30
So, to start our interactive story, we need a hero/heroine right? So which shall it be?
Reads for February-March 2012-02-06
Reads for February-March
Least Favorite Hunger Games Novel 2012-03-14
Which of the three did you dislike the most, or didn't like as much of the Hunger Ganges trilogy ...
Favorite Hunger Games Couple 2012-04-02
Your Fave HG Couple
Audio books 2012-04-02
Hey! Please share your opinion on audio books.. Thanks.