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Inheritance Cycle Favorites 2011-12-07
Inheritance Cycle Favorites
Favorite Hunger Games Couple 2012-04-02
Your Fave HG Couple
Audio books 2012-04-02
Hey! Please share your opinion on audio books.. Thanks.
If tumblr was a person, would they be male or female? 2012-05-10
I am creating a series which I will not reveal details. It involves websites.
Fantastic Four poll 2012-08-20
Fantastic Four poll
Marvel Vs DC 2 2013-05-15
Books: Print or Electronic? 2013-06-24
Ever since Gutenberg invented the printing press in the fifteenth century, print was virtually th...
Who's your Super hero? 2014-02-25
Who's your Super hero?
doctor who a poll through time and space 2014-03-03
doctor who a poll through time and space
Harry Potter Books 2002-08-05
Which is your favorite HARRY POTTER book
Pride and Prejudice(the classic book) 2002-10-17
I read this book recently and noticed there were no polls about it-NONE! So here it is:)
Books 2002-12-16
Do you read? Does your child read? Are you a child who reads? Waht books do you read? Find ou...
Best Comic Duo of All Time ! 2003-02-19
Now You Can Choose Who is The Best Comic Duo of All Time
Favorite Lord of the Rings Book 2003-11-11
Which Lord of the Rings book did you enjoy the most?
X-Men Vs. DragonballZ 2003-12-16
Who is #1? in a battle between characters from X-Men versus characters from Dragonball-Z, who do ...
Book oscars 2003-12-23
This is to find out who likes what in a book.
Should Superman be... 2004-01-28
Some of the wording isn't that great, but give it a try. Please vote only once!
this is about comic strip features in newspapers
Guestbook? 2004-03-24
Crime books, what do you prefer 2004-03-30
This poll is to find out what is the most popular type of crime book, because i am planing to wri...
crime books 2004-03-30
do you like crime books? tell me what you like, and a book will be written JUST FOR YOU!
Do You Think Censoring of Books is Fair? 2004-04-20
Please do this poll if you think people should stop censoring books for what they are and let the...
Super Villians and Heros 2004-05-27
About Super villians and super heros and gyro rolls
X-men poll 2004-06-11
Like x-men you'll like this poll
Harry Potter Books 2004-11-10
How would you rate J.K Rowling's bestsellers, Harry Potter?