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What super power would you have? (Poll by blackninja133) 2008-03-04
This poll is deadicated to Bob, who died recently by crashing into an ambalance.
Harry Potter Reflection Time 2008-05-12
just reflecting on one of the greatest series of all time
Marvel vs. DC 2008-06-27
Who would win in this amazing fight.
Switch to boxers 2008-06-27
How should i tell my parents that I want to wear boxers
Comics 2008-07-17
What is your favourite comic type
maxipoll 2008-08-23
Maximum Ride and Twilight
Marvel Fights 2008-09-30
Marvel Fights
superman vs meteor man 2008-10-17
superman vs the ghetto version of superman
Who would win in a fight? 2008-10-20
Who would win?
Harry Potter Series V.S Twilight Series 2008-12-21
Which do you like better?
Which character would you most like to see return? 2009-01-03
Which character would you most like to see return?
What is your favorite book ? 2009-01-21
The Turning Point By Chris Curtis Just After Sunset By Stephen King Twilight By Stephenie Meyer
The Shyest 2009-02-01
For The Shyest readers...
Star Legacy 2009-02-03
For Star Legacy readers...
Help me Choose a Leading Guy Name for Romantic/Action Movie/Book 2009-02-04
I am in the process of writing and need help deciding on a name for a guy who will be the leading...
Joker Or Riddler 2009-02-13
Who your Favourite Villain.
Color comics on Mondays? 2009-02-15
A vote on whether or not I should update Silver Age in color on Mondays
Anime vs Marvel Series 2009-06-05
Anime vs Marvel Series
Harry Potter vs Negima! 2009-06-12
In the Harry Potter books by J. K. Rowling, Harry Potter is an eleven year old boy in England wh...
Objects of Power 2009-06-12
In many movies, TV shows, comics, and books there are objects that hold great power and often gre...
Books 1? 2009-06-12
Of the two choices, which would you rather read (even if you didn't want to read either of them, ...
Stephanie Plum-Ranger Fans 2009-07-03
In an interview earlier this year, Janet Evanovich called fans of her character, Ranger Manoso, &...
Superhero Battles 2009-07-06
Superhero's Fighting there best Fight , Who'd Win
Spanish comic I 2009-08-05
Axa vs Modesty Blaise vs Barbara de Barreiro
Greatest X-Men Character 2009-09-13
Greatest X-Men Character