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Princess Sally Acorn, Love or Hate? 2008-10-04
Princess Sally Acorn, Love or Hate?
Twilight Poll 2008-12-14 (closed)
All about the book/movie Twilight.
Twilight vs. Harry Potter - the final round 2010-02-04 (closed)
OK, so I made to other polls similar to this, about Twilight and Harry Potter, which were pretty ...
Your Power Suit 2011-11-09
There are all kinds of powerfull armor. From Iron Man to the Guyver, there are so many different ...
Batman vs Captain America 2005-09-12
Two Universes, two heroes - one winner
PDF Converter for Blogs 2008-02-05
Please give your choice:
Superman vs juggernaut 2006-07-04
Who win in a battle?
Jeff Dunham favorite puppet 2008-11-09
Jeff Dunham is a ventrilaquist or in other words "comedian with dolls" youtube Jeff Dunham
Would you read? 2013-01-14
Would you read a book about any of these things?
Favorite Lord of the Rings Book 2003-11-11
Which Lord of the Rings book did you enjoy the most?
The Top 10 battles of all kind 2009-08-11
weve made a list of 20 very evenly based comic/video game charcters to battle it out
Favorite Books 2008-01-30 (closed)
This is a poll of some popular books, new and old.
X-MEN FANZ 2004-01-13
X-men rules dou agree?
Superman vs. Batman 2005-07-06
Superman or Batman
Classic Fantasies 2007-08-04
Which is best?
spiderman villians face off 2007-10-07
who beats who in spidey's villian gallery?
Harry potter or hunger games 2011-09-27
Harry potter or hunger games
The Inheritance Cycle 2008-11-18 (closed)
a lot of details about the book series
Harry Potter - "And that's what it's all about!" 2009-05-09 (closed)
What could be better than a poll about everyones favorite book series????
If you were a Mermaid 2012-07-11
If you were a mermaid what kind would you be? :)
Favorite American Poet 2012-12-18
Favorite American Poet
Harry Potter Obsession 2005-05-21
How obsessed are you with Harry Potter?
X-Men girls 2003-05-14
I saw X-men 2 and thought it was great. The only problem was that Jean Grey was too ugly and Roug...
Books, books, books! 2004-08-13
A poll about books, reading, and other book related stuff!
superhero mega fights 2006-08-29
greatest hereo fights