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Superman or Batman? 2003-08-06
Just hoping to settle an ongoing (and probably everlasting) argument.
Twilight 2008-09-01 (closed)
DC vs Marvel 2008-06-22 (closed)
battle of the characters from the two largest comic book franchises!
What superhero are you? 2009-01-18
A poll to see if you have what it takes to be either Batman, Superman, Aquaman, or the Incredible...
Greatest Comic Villain 2009-02-21
The greatest villains are without a doubt from the human imagination in the form of comic. Decide...
hunger games favs 2011-07-27
hunger games favs
all comic herovillian fight 2007-07-22
who would win in a fight?
Superpowers 2006-10-08
X men, Superman returns, Harry Potter. Movies with great magical qualities or incredible supernat...
Warrior books by Erin Hunter 2007-11-27
Hi! This is a poll about the books that Erin Hunter has written. I don't know how many people hav...
Reading Books 2010-12-08 (closed)
I would like to conduct a poll on whether people - Like to read -Like to take books on rental -Li...
Your Power Suit 2011-11-09
There are all kinds of powerfull armor. From Iron Man to the Guyver, there are so many different ...
Me and my friend are in a "debate" on which is better I would make on about both unive...
Marvel vs. DC Superheroes 2013-02-25
I just made some match-ups for a Marvel and a DC. Take your picks.
Sookie Sookie Sookie 2009-04-28 (closed)
Finally it is Sookie's week ALL to herself. :) Enjoy.
who will die in harry potter 7 2007-06-18
harry potter and the deathly hallows is coming in july. this is a poll where you can vote on who ...
Marvel vs Ultimate Marvel 2007-09-15
This poll is for people who read Marvel and/or Ultimate Marvel comics and know the difference bet...
Switch to boxers 2008-06-27
How should i tell my parents that I want to wear boxers
Gay Lifestyle Magazine Blog 2012-11-26
Gay Lifestyle Magazine Blog
Who is your Favorite Comic Super Hero? 2006-03-31
Favorite Comic Superhero
Marvel vs. DC - Part 1 2006-06-11
Pick one of the two superheroes that is stronger.
the movers and shakers of the superhero universe 2006-12-24
this is gonna be a long one
What types of books do you like? 2007-09-15
I'm currently into alot of books and writing, and i'd simply like to know what the majority of pe...
Your Favorite The Outsiders Character 2008-06-07
Reader's Survey 2012-03-21
A survey to find out how people read [i.e. books]
X-Men Vs. DragonballZ 2003-12-16
Who is #1? in a battle between characters from X-Men versus characters from Dragonball-Z, who do ...