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What's your prefered ending in a "kidnapped" story? 2011-02-20
When you read a story in the Kidnapped genre, what do you like to see happen to the victim?
Favorite Harry Potter Character 2011-06-04
Favorite Harry Potter Character
Best of Harry Potter 2007-11-17
A few favorites of the Harry Potter Books and Movies.
Greatest X-Men Character 2009-09-13
Greatest X-Men Character
X-men vs. Justice League 2007-09-20
Who would win??? The Skull bashing original heroes, or the Powerful mutant team???
Vicious & Villainous Moments in Sookiedom 2009-03-28 (closed)
This week we are getting into the vile and vicious acts we've encountered during Sookie's exploit...
Twilight 2008-10-18
Reading 2007-12-09
X-men poll 2004-06-11
Like x-men you'll like this poll
Superheroes-The Best Of The Best 2006-09-19
Make A Correct Choice
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2008-03-31
All about the book. If you haven't read it yet, dont take this poll! It contains spoilers!
Twilight 2008-10-17
Do you like Twilight?
Ultimant Comic Poll 2005-10-20
In the world of comics there are many heros and villans, the question is who is the strongest?
Hogwarts Fights 2010-06-01
Choose who would win in each of these kinds of fights
rad hero fights 2006-09-18
super fights that are really cool
2nd round of Marvel Comics vs. DC Comics 2008-07-08
The winners of the 1st edition have moved on.
Superhero Fights 2011-01-18
Superhero Fights
super hero battles 2006-03-21
hello,my poll is about super heros and super villains battaling each other alond with tv and vidi...
Marvel Fights 2008-09-30
Marvel Fights
IS SAM THE MAN??? 2009-03-07 (closed)
This week we will be voting on the good, the bad and all things Sam. I have to admit that Sam is...
Mixed Wrestling, Boxing, Fighting with Superheroines & Comic Book Characters 2016-02-02
So let's mix it up a bit, let's take it away from real women and into the exciting realm of the t...
Superman or Batman? 2003-08-06
Just hoping to settle an ongoing (and probably everlasting) argument.
SupermanvsGokuvsThorvsBatman 2008-03-16 (closed)
This is a battle of Gods from Comics and Manga. Oh... and there is a loser bat dude who wants...
DC COMICS VS DC COMICS! 2008-05-05 (closed)
Twilight 2009-01-05
love it or hate it?