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Stephanie Plum-Ranger Fans 2009-07-03
In an interview earlier this year, Janet Evanovich called fans of her character, Ranger Manoso, &...
Sex or no sex - that's the question 2006-04-19
In fiction, when it comes to sex, what do you like?
Marvel VS. DC Matchups 2017-06-27
Here are 30 different Marvel VS. DC matchups that are the best matchups I could come up while bei...
Spawn Vs Blade 2005-06-05
Who would win in this fight
Twilight vs. Harry Potter - again!!! 2009-07-25 (closed)
OK... so I've already made one poll about these two brilliant book series; on my other poll, seve...
Everything Harry Potter 2005-07-08
The titles pretty self-explanatory.
Best book of all time! 2008-08-02
Which book do you think is the best of all time!
Superhero strength 2009-11-10
Superhero strength
the hulk vs spider-man vs fantasic-4 vs dare devil vs cap am 2005-05-20
erica vs spider woman vs super man vs super woman vs green lanturn
The best of the 52 2011-09-27
This poll pretends to rank the new 52 #1s as they come out.
Superhero Battles 2009-07-06
Superhero's Fighting there best Fight , Who'd Win
Superhero Poll 2006-06-24
Choose the best answer.
marvel vs DC 2007-11-19
marvel vs DC
X-Men Training Matches 2006-07-26
Pic the winner in each battle
Marvel battles 2010-04-24
Almost every body in marvel that you can thing of, heros,villians, and even some dc characters!
use of words in poetry 2009-06-08
I am wondering if you guys think these words should be used in poetry
Which Divergent faction would you choose? 2014-07-07
If you have read the book divergent, or have at least seen the movie, which of the five factions ...
What should I do the next time I am in the locker room? 2010-06-15
Whatever the results are, I will do this. I'm a guy bdw
Warrior Cats 2009-05-29
This poll is about a series of books called Warrior cats that I have really enjoyed reading...if ...
Heroes Battles - Vote Now! 2008-03-01 (closed)
An unknown villain has manipulated all time and space and brought the DC and Marvel meta-humans t...
Superman or Goku 2003-05-06
Me and my son were arguing over who was the stronger of the two. Anyone have any input?
DC vs. Marvel 2012-07-23
DC vs. Marvel
Anime vs Marvel vs D.C and Other 2008-07-19
Anime vs Marvel vs D.C and Other
Lord of the Rings vs Harry Potter 2010-04-08
Lord of the Rings vs Harry Potter
Super Superheroes Fight To The Death 2006-09-08
To Test Your Knowlegde About Your Superheroes. (Remember Some Superheores Don't Believe In Killi...