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Avengers versus X-Men 2005-11-09
Greatest Super Fight of All Time!
super hero war 2006-04-17
my poll is about almost every superhero/villain i know of battaling each other,dont always go wit...
Best Grisham Book 2006-04-22
Do you like John Grisham? I sure do. Cast away for your favorite Grisham book.
What super power would you have? (Poll by blackninja133) 2008-03-04
This poll is deadicated to Bob, who died recently by crashing into an ambalance.
The 2010 Questy Awards Official Voting! 2010-08-07 (closed)
What ARE the Questys, you ask? Well, throw the Razzies in a blender with some comic books, a lot ...
Book VS T.V. 2001-09-29
This has been a debate among my friends and I. What do you think.
Superheroes Fight 2009-11-07
Pick the winner of each fight. In each fight, the heroes are fighting for keeps, no punches pull...
Library Usage 2012-12-04
This poll is to measure how much the average person knows about their public library's sources as...
Who is your worst Harry Potter Character? 2011-04-16
Choose the character/s you least like!
Harry Potter vs Negima! 2009-06-12
In the Harry Potter books by J. K. Rowling, Harry Potter is an eleven year old boy in England wh...
Harry Potter vs LOTR vs Narnia vs Eragon 2007-01-23
Which of these 4 popular novels has the best story?
Is Superman or Batman a better superhero? 2006-01-03
so what do you think?...if you had to choose one or the other which would it be??
Comic Characters Fight 2003-04-24
Who would win in a fight
Batman vs. James Bond 2005-12-26
The ultimate show down. Both have gadgets, both have plans, both would know each other's moves be...
Marvel Vs. DC Battle 2010-12-08
Marvel Vs. DC Battle
superhero showdown 2006-08-26
heros fight against each other
All polls regarding Harry Potter.
Which Harry Potter Book Is The Best 2008-10-15
Which harry potter book is the best
Characters 2007-12-06
all about book, movie, and tv characters
Wheel of Time 2009-09-23
With book 12 due in October, I figured I'd see what fans think about the series so far...
Marvel Superheroes!! 2007-04-07
Who is your Favorite Marvel Superhero?
Harry Potter characters 2007-07-23
So, who are your favourite and least favourite characters?
Comic book Ideas 2006-11-10
what if we put a Marvel superhero in the DC universe or the other way around? what DC villain wou...
Marvel vs Anime and Image and D.c 2008-06-09
Marvel vs Anime and Image and D.c
Randomness 2009-05-07 (closed)
I asked for Random and this is what we have come up with. Enjoy!