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what is your favorite harry potter book? 2011-04-22 (closed)
what is your favorite harry potter book?
Help me name my Love Interest! What's your favorite name? 2013-08-14
Help me name my Love Interest! What's your favorite name?
Starbound 2013-12-18
ALternate Fates Hermione Granger 2021-11-12
Hermione Granger has been captured by Bellatrix. The following questions determine the fates of h...
Fantasy-book of 2004 2004-12-03
2004 was a year, rich with interesting and enjoyable fantasy novels. But which one is the best?
night world and secret circle 2005-05-03
if u are a fan of secret circle and night world take this poll
The ultimate wrestling magazine. 2005-06-05
This poll is to see which wrestling magazine people think is the best one of all.
lemony snicket 2005-06-15
The Belgariad 2006-08-24
I haven't seen any polls about these books which are amazing fantasy books so he is maybe one of ...
Compare Cognitive Tools 2007-05-16
I have two versions of chapters on Cognitive Tools. For those of you who are interested in this t...
The Sub-mariner Mini-series 2007-07-25
What did you think about it?
DC vs MARVEL 2008-09-16
who do u think will win? here are some tough questions, answer wisely....and dnt vote on just how...
Redwall 2008-11-30 (closed)
Just a poll about the greates series ever
The Shyest 2009-02-01
For The Shyest readers...
The most interesting part of a newspaper 2009-02-04 (closed)
The most interesting part of a newspaper
Color comics on Mondays? 2009-02-15
A vote on whether or not I should update Silver Age in color on Mondays
The New Prophecy 2009-04-07
The New Prophecy
Spanish comic I 2009-08-05
Axa vs Modesty Blaise vs Barbara de Barreiro
Do You Really Know Every Little Thing About Harry Potter? 2011-09-14 (closed)
The Ultimate Harry Potter Quiz, Questions from Every Book, Answer According to the Facts! Each Qu...
comic book shops 2012-01-03
doing a little research and would appreciate any help you can give filling out some information.
Should I make a fanfiction 2013-01-09
Well......should I?
Boys who really read this magazine 2014-05-08
For 7-15 ages boys only
Cell Books Poll 2003-02-15
This poll is to determine if a market is avaiable for the product of Cell Books. Cell Books is a...
What is the best Dirk Gently Book 2003-03-25
Just select the best Dirk Gently book you have read.
wrestling magazine 2004-02-04
which one!!