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Favorite MAGAZINES Poll 2005-04-26
Tell me your favorites.
Do you relate what you read to how you live? 2005-12-07
Have you ever read a book or a poem and thought, "Hey, I can really get into this....It is s...
Which one of my plot Idea's should become a book? 2006-11-28
I have some idea's for some books though I'm unsure which one to use.
batman characters FACE OFF (finals!) 2008-12-12 (closed)
So it comes down to two of Batman's oldest & most well known adversaries... & remember, ...
W.I.T.C.H. VS WINX CLUB 2009-11-29
for ladys- a novel affair 2011-04-01
The best novel series for girls. I include only ones with 20 or more volumes.
How is AvX the comic event? 2012-05-04 (closed)
How is AvX the comic event?
Starbound Magazine 2013-05-31
Pride and Prejudice(the classic book) 2002-10-17
I read this book recently and noticed there were no polls about it-NONE! So here it is:)
Who's gunna die in book 5? 2003-04-11
Death awaits somebody,speak out and tell us!
Books, Books, Books 2005-03-22
What books that are my favorites, are your favorites as well.
Septimus Heap series 2006-12-21
This is a poll about the Septimus Heap series. (obviously.) It would be greatly appreciated if yo...
Midnighters 2007-05-08
About the book midnighters
Star Wars: Legacy Of The Force 2007-07-28
I want to know all you star wars fan's thoughts on this new series.
Which of these titles have you read? 2008-07-08
Which of the following books have you read? Pick as many as appropriate.
Which book should we read? 2008-09-11 (closed)
Which book should we read?
batman characters FACE OFF(quarter-finals) 2008-10-20 (closed)
Stephen King's Night Shift 2009-01-13
Stephen King's Night Shift
For Guys-a novel affair 2011-04-01
The best novel series for boys. I have excluded the Rover Boys and the Motor Boys, even though th...
hunger games stuff 2012-08-10
look at the title.
Sigrid vs. Claudia 2016-09-13
Spanish comic's heroines. Sigrid (the blonde) vs. Claudia (the brunette) <img src="ht...
Bane vs Wonder Woman 2021-11-12
Bane battles Wonder Woman in a pitched fight.
Is Cory Doctorow worth reading? 2005-06-23
Is Cory Doctorow worth reading?
Clay Shows/Movies 2006-03-25
A poll on claymation.
Have you read any James Joyce? 2006-06-19
It's Bloomsday, and I'm curious.