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Good name for my leading man/love interest/Prince in disguise? 2013-03-28
He's a quiet, rebellious kind of guy who has a problem with authority. He finds it hard to trust ...
Book Choice 2013-06-20
Here are the books nominated for the list!
X-MEN 2003-12-08
Who is your favorite member of the orginal team??
X-Men 3: Who's in it? 2004-09-25
Just curious.
Terry Pratchett 2005-09-19
For all you people who love the works of Terry Pratchett, this one's for you!
Who are your fave HP duo 2006-01-25
Pick your fave HP duo
best spider-man 2006-08-26
great artist
Black Beauty 2006-09-25
Would you consider it a classic?
The New Jedi Order 2006-12-27
Which is your favourite book, character, moment and so on...
How many characrters would you like to read about in a book? 2007-02-17
This is going to determine the novel I shall write next. =D
Market Research 2007-04-09
Dear valued customer we are a year 12 business management class that is starting up a company ca...
My new story 2012-05-14
I am planning my next FIMFICTION story but this time i would like to get some ideas from the few ...
Which is yor favourite British Comic? 2015-05-19
It's the Beano vs the Dandy.
X-MENS BEAST 2002-01-03
The creators at marvel have recently desided to change to appearance of one of the x-mens best lo...
Book Seven Title! 2006-12-31
JKR.com has finally announced the title for the final Harry Potter book - 'Harry Potter and the D...
is harry/his scar a horcrux? 2007-03-11
is harry/his scar a horcrux
robert muchamore 2007-04-09
ive read the robert muchamore series and would love to hear your thoughts on it
DC vs Marvel vs Image vs Darkhorse 2008-06-22 (closed)
The Big Four
Who would win: Hulk vs. Goku 2008-06-27 (closed)
Who would win: Hulk vs. Goku
batman characters FACE OFF (semi-finals) 2008-11-16 (closed)
we're getting close...
X-Men Showdown - (Round 1) 2010-11-07 (closed)
pick who u think would win in a 1 on 1 fight to the death
Name That Imprint 2011-03-29 (closed)
Zumaya Publications LLC is in the process of developing a graphic novel imprint that will offer e...
Favorite Tackey & Tsuabsa Picspam 2011-05-05
Choose from 27 story-themed Tackey & Tsubasa picspams.
Would you watch an animated film based on the Book "The Spooks Apprentice"? 2015-05-19
Would you be interested in watching an animated film based on the book call "The Spooks Appr...
crime books 2004-03-30
do you like crime books? tell me what you like, and a book will be written JUST FOR YOU!