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DC Vs Marvel 2009-04-22 (closed)
Who Would Win in a Clash Between Marvel & DC Characters
Inheritance Cycle Favorites 2011-12-07
Inheritance Cycle Favorites
Boys who read girl magazines 2014-03-03
Boys who read girl magazines
Favorite Books 2014-08-13
Just one question, what is your favorite book?
Crime books, what do you prefer 2004-03-30
This poll is to find out what is the most popular type of crime book, because i am planing to wri...
The Wind of Fire Trilogy 2006-04-17
A Poll about the books, which were wonderful, by the way.
~*~ The [i]Harry Potter[/i] books ~*~ 2007-03-25
Just some questions.
Gone With The Wind 2008-04-09 (closed)
Do you like my favorite book?
MuggleMix Poll 2008-05-05
MuggleMix Poll
maxipoll 2008-08-23
Maximum Ride and Twilight
pick ur fave superhero! 2008-09-18 (closed)
I'm doing this poll for my school mag, and i'd really appreciate all u ppl's input! so who really...
help with titles for these 2 poems 2009-05-24
I have written these two poems and wondering what I should title them
Which newspaper do you read? 2015-05-19
A poll to find out about people's newspaper reading habits. UK specific.
The Essence of Good Writing 2005-10-25
What makes a writer good: his style, his vocab, sentence length, content, tone. Actually what ma...
Authors 2005-11-06
Hi!I'm seeing who likes which books and who hates books. please tell me more authors as I don't...
Harry Potter: Book - Film 2006-04-12
The Harry Potter books we all know and love (if you don't, why are you reading this?) have been m...
Fun poll! Family Duck! Take it! 2006-10-24
the family Duck!
Comic subject ideas 2007-03-12
If you could have a very famous cartoon series, like Calvin and Hobbes, or the Farside, what woul...
Maximum Ride Prediction 2008-04-21
Prediting what will happen
Maximum Ride. 2008-06-16
Do you like Maximum Ride?
maximum ride 2008-10-20 (closed)
warning: major spoilers!
Which title is more enticing? 2009-09-15 (closed)
a title idea for my new book
A Philosopher or a Novelist 2010-11-07
Which would you rather be, a great philosopher, or a great novelist ... and why?
Favourite Tackey & Tsubasa Fanfiction 2011-05-05
Choose from 49 Tackey and Tsubasa fanfiction titles.
webcomics y/n 2012-01-12
are you a fan of webcomics or would consider reading webcomics here are some webcomics you could ...