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GOLEM: The Word 2007-09-24
A Matter of Fiction. I want to know if this word, golem, is in the public conscience.
Favorite Book Series 2008-11-06 (closed)
Favorite Book Series
Photography Magazine 2011-03-29
For a university project I'm designing a magazine for beginner photographers, involving tutorials...
Reads for February-March 2012-02-06
Reads for February-March
Who's your Super hero? 2014-02-25
Who's your Super hero?
Favorite Books 2014-08-13
Just one question, what is your favorite book?
Which newspaper do you read? 2015-05-19
A poll to find out about people's newspaper reading habits. UK specific.
favorite DC comics era 2021-11-12
Which is your favorite era of DC comics, classical (pre-crisis on Infinite earths) 80's, 90's, Di...
Harry Potter Books 2002-08-05
Which is your favorite HARRY POTTER book
books - your favourite, kids 2004-01-14
we need you to help us discover what books you like, and from the results, we should discover why...
would you? 2005-05-27
i just want to know. anyone can take this poll i dont care who.
Which major DC character will die and be replaced in IC? 2005-10-21
Rumor has it that a "major character" will die and be replaced as a result of Infinite ...
Proffessor Snape 2005-11-16
Good or Bad???
Star Wars movies/novels 2007-02-05
what do you like about comics 2007-03-17
my poll is about diffrent genres of comics, including how much money u will spend for a comic, lo...
The Neverending story of the Dark Knight. 2009-02-04 (closed)
Join the Saga of an American Vigilante who becomes lost in Canada in a parallel universe who is a...
Author's Purpose Quiz 2009-10-23
This quiz is a multiple choice quiz on whether you can identify the author's purpose.
What is your favorite Dr. Seuss book? 2010-09-21 (closed)
What is your favorite Dr. Seuss book?
Would you regularly visit a fansite for "The Host" by Stephenie Meyer? 2011-02-14
Would you regularly visit a fansite for "The Host" by Stephenie Meyer?
eReader vs. Print Book 2011-11-20
I'm gathering information for a statistics project at school. Participation is appreciated! :)
Inheritance Cycle Favorites 2011-12-07
Inheritance Cycle Favorites
Boys who read girl magazines 2014-03-03
Boys who read girl magazines
Harry Potter Books 2004-11-10
How would you rate J.K Rowling's bestsellers, Harry Potter?
Best Book Ever Contest Round 8 2005-11-06
Which Book is the best?
Favorite Pratchett Novel 2006-08-15
Voting list to see what is the most Read Pratchett novel