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BEST AUTHOR 2006-05-01
R.L. Stine? Matt Christopher? Jonathan Kellerman? Who is the best?
marvel zombie 2006-08-18
marvel zombie is a book were all marvel heros turn to zombies
Ron/Hermione ?? 2007-02-08
What do you think about Ron and Hermione?
The Magical World of Winter Valley 2007-11-17
I've written a novel called the Magical World of Winter Valley, and I need some opinions! :)
choose your own adventure 2009-03-11
are you a choose your own adventure fanatic?!
Which Winx Charmix You like the most?? 2009-08-31
Which Winx Charmix You like the most??
Who Is Better 2015-06-03
I have a wattpad.com account @Eeshu_10 and I need an actress playing the role of Elexabeth in &qu...
Which Harry Potter book is your favourite? 2003-10-28
You must have read all of the Harry Potter books to to this poll. The movies don't count, this po...
Book oscars 2003-12-23
This is to find out who likes what in a book.
Best Book Ever Contest Round 4 2005-05-03
Which Book is the best?
My Fantasy Trilogy 2005-07-05
I'm writing a fantasy trilogy. Thanks for taking the poll.
cage match comicbook style 2006-08-18
these is just one quistion with some of the strongest people ever
Will Harry die in Deathly Hallows? 2007-02-28
HP 7
The Death of Captain America 2007-03-17
What do you think about it?
Who has been your favourite baddie? 2009-01-03
Who has been your favourite baddie?
Which Clique girl is better? 2009-10-05
pick your favorite clique girl!
Boys who read this magazine 2014-05-19
For boys 6-15
Books 2002-04-29
The Clique Books 2006-01-12
Like vote!
Wath do you read? 2006-03-15
How much you read?
The Saga of Dune 2006-09-25
For all the lovers of Frank Herbert's classic Dune series and the expansion by Brian Herbert and ...
Snape 2006-10-27
Cast your vote for the Harry Potter character; Snape
BOOK 2007-04-03
BookS 2007-04-09
Which of the famous books do you like? and does it matter on gender, if one book is more liked?
A Clockwork Orange 2007-06-18
Screw Orwell, a few years ago Anthony Burgess penned the greatest dystopian novel ever (and argue...