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Best Batman Graphic Novel 2005-09-22
You know what to do.
Harry Potter pairings (couples) 2007-08-30
Which do you like most?
Do you hate Harry Potter? 2006-06-10
I personally hate Harry Potter(and a large part of the books) and I want to know whether you hate...
marvel vs dc 2005-12-28
who is better in the comics company
Best Dan Brown book 2005-11-09
Dan Brown; one of the most phenominal authors around...
Superman vs Wolverine 2005-02-11
This is a short poll about superheroes
Twilight vs. Harry Potter 2009-06-25 (closed)
I love both book series, and I want to know how YOU think they compare!
Who is the best X-men character of all time? 2000-12-12
Hello my name is...um...let's just say ROUGE. Hi! My name is ROUGE and this is my poll. Please ...
Superman Vs X-Men 2003-06-06
Superman is taking on each of the X-Men Gold and Blue in one on one fights
Greatest Hero of All Time Poll 2008-09-01
Greatest Hero of All Time Poll
The Best Harry Potter Book (so far) 2003-10-28
I created this poll because I think it would be interesting to see what people choose as their fa...
spiderman vs batman, who would win? 2006-03-25
Who would win in a fight, spiderman, or batman?
Will Bella become a vampire? 2008-06-07
In the upcoming finale to the Twilight series novel Breaking Dawn, the growing question of Bella'...
Harry Potter (Series) VS Twilight (Series) 2008-11-06 (closed)
Two female authors, two worldwide best sellers, two greatest thrills, two going to be films, what...
Batgirl vs. Catwoman 2003-08-30 (closed)
Female comic characters fight - Heroine against villainess
inheritance cycle book 4 predictions 2009-06-29 (closed)
inheritance cycle book 4 predictions
This is a vote between Harry Potter, Eragon, and The Ember Series. My personal favorite is the Em...
Stephanie Plum Series Poll 2009-06-25
A poll for readers of Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series. Who do you want Stephanie to end ...
Twilight vs harry potter 2008-10-18
I would like to ask you witch one do you like the best!!!!
Who is Your Favorite Superhero? 2011-02-10
What is your favorite superhero based off of the short selection here? This selection is based of...
Harry Potter vs Inheritance 2006-07-17
Most of you would have read both the books. If you haven't read both the series (upto what have b...
Which Batman villian is the coolest? 2001-12-12
There are lots of villans, but which is the best?
X-Men vs. Justice League 2005-01-26
Vote for your favorite X-Man or the JL hero.
Your Favorite Narnia Book 2006-02-03
Which book was your favorite?
The Stand Twitter Poll! 2009-07-01 (closed)
As many of you know, there is #thestandpoll taking place on Twitter. Please take the time to r...