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Best Maximum Ride Couple! 2008-04-22
Best Maximum Ride Couple!
Animal Wars 2008-08-19
Animal Wars
batman characters FACE OFF (round 3) 2008-09-01
the competition is heating up... I think ~
Marvel Martial Artists 2009-02-15 (closed)
Who has the best kung fu?
Favorite Harry Potter book/movie? 2012-08-15
Favorite Harry Potter book/movie?
Who is your Favorite Marvel Character? 2013-05-06
no explanation just imagination
What does realism mean to you? 2014-09-19
As regards fiction, what are your thoughts on realism as a genre or method? Your candor is apprec...
HARRY POTTER! 2005-06-21
Pealse take this poll!
Super Heros! What gadgets are needed?? 2005-08-10
I am making a new super hero and she is pretty awesome, however I do not know what gadgets whe ne...
Best Book Ever Contest Round 7 2005-08-17
Which Book is the best?
My Favorite stuff Quiz 2006-05-13
This is my quiz on what you know and think about my favorite stuff.
Which is your favorite Harry Potter point of veiw? 2006-07-13
I'm going to write (and try yo publish) a book whereit's from another point of veiw in Harry Pott...
Marvel vs DC vs Darkhorse 2008-08-06 (closed)
When the Hulk, Superman, and Hellboy all get pitted what could happen
Which character would you most like to see return? 2009-01-03
Which character would you most like to see return?
Time travel ideas 2010-05-03
I want to write a story and need to figure out the best way to end it
New Photography Magazine for Beginners 2011-03-29
I am designing a new photography magazine for beginner digital photographers (or anybody who is i...
If tumblr was a person, would they be male or female? 2012-05-10
I am creating a series which I will not reveal details. It involves websites.
Fantastic Four poll 2012-08-20
Fantastic Four poll
How would you make this scene funnier in my novel when a geek loses a NAKED bet? 2014-11-04
Alison and Martin were both college freshmen who have always been best friends, but JUST friends....
Boys who read this magazine 2015-01-06
Seventeen magazine readers who are boys between 5 and 17.
Is it weird for a 22 year old to still buy the Beano comic? 2015-05-19
I still read the Beano
Best Book Ever Contest Round 5 2005-06-05
Which Book is the best?
Best Book Ever Contest Round 6 2005-07-08
Which Book is the best?
Where's Waldo vs. I Spy 2005-11-15
Your opinion on the search-and-find books.
The books you read . . . 2006-01-22
This poll is part of my statistics project. I want to find out what the most popular genre of bo...