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Who is the best elf? 2009-10-26
the elfs I include are from LoTR and Eragon
Best Comic 2004-03-26
Vote for the best comic.
Favorite Weasley 2005-04-29
Which is your favorite Weasley member?
harry potter characters 2005-08-10
want your opinion on some hp characters
Calender-How Do You Like Calenders 2007-12-18 (closed)
Calender-How Do You Like Calenders
Harry Potter Sentence 2012-04-16
Harry Potter Sentence
Hunger Games Stuff 2012-06-06
I just want to know people's opinions on the Hunger Games!
What Are Your Reading Preferences Survey 2012-07-23
I'm writing a novel and want to see what types of readers are out there :) If you like to read, ...
Favorite Fantasy/Sci-Fi Books 2002-03-19
Vote on your fave. author and book in the fantasy/sci-fi genre.
Favorite Magazine 2003-08-22
Which Magazine Do You Like To Read Most
Should Superman be... 2004-01-28
Some of the wording isn't that great, but give it a try. Please vote only once!
Wizards 2007-08-14
Which is the greatest wizard.
wwe 2008-04-14 (closed)
wwe poll
Japan comic or Indonesia comic? 2008-10-14
Choose what comic do you like
Debris Magazine reader survey 2008-12-29
I thought I'd create a reader survey to figure out how to further shape the magazine in the years...
What is your favorite book ? 2009-01-21
The Turning Point By Chris Curtis Just After Sunset By Stephen King Twilight By Stephenie Meyer
What kind of stories do you like? 2012-06-20
I was just wondering what type of stories people like to read, it's always fun to get to see how ...
UncannyXmen Polls 2001-03-08
Polls on the X-men of course
X-MEN 2003-01-27
Who is your fav x-man???
Which is the best superhero-movie? 2005-11-18
Which movie is the best?
ABARAT 2005-12-09
This is a poll on Clive Barker's book, Abarat. Why is this the first one that's been made???
Harry Potter Poll 2006-07-14
This is just a bunch of questions about Harry Potter
who are the masters of marvel? 2006-12-13
this is a poll to find out who are marvel's number one hero
Horror Novels 2007-03-01
This is a poll to see which of these horror novels you guys and gals have read. I've listed a lo...
Series of Unfortunate Events 2007-05-21
The Series 1-13