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How do you interpret things? 2007-05-10
The effective use of language can make or break the effectiveness of all forms of art. The purpos...
superman vs meteor man 2008-10-17
superman vs the ghetto version of superman
Twilight V.S. House of Night 2008-12-19
Pick only one.
Harry Potter 2010-06-20
Harry Potter
Favourite Book Genre. 2010-07-17
What is your favourite book genre!
this is about comic strip features in newspapers
Harry Potter in it's Perfect Poll 2005-10-08
This poll all about the Potter movies, books, the characters, and its celebrities.
Harry Potter... 3 questions 2005-11-15
Hoping that you can provide the popular opinion on three questions I've been wondering about.
Who would win? 2006-02-15
Ever wonder which characters from whatever would win in a duel?
Marvel 2008-10-29
Eragon: Rip-off or a good book? 2008-11-15 (closed)
a question about the eragon series
Your Favourite Genre 2005-08-30
Which Genre concerning books is your personal favourite? Wether you prefer mystery to fantasy, ro...
A Song of Ice and Fire Tournement 2006-08-17
I don't know how many ASoIaF fans there are out there but if you are one of them, take this pole....
Superhero Showdown 2006-08-17
who would win in a fight
Superheroes 2007-02-11
This is just purely for fun.
elektra vs spiderman 2007-12-06
marvel's strongest female against marvel's most succesful heroe
Archie Comics 2008-06-09
This poll is about the Archie Comic Charaters.
Joker Or Riddler 2009-02-13
Who your Favourite Villain.
The Green Lantern - Superpower or Technology? 2010-02-05
In the world of Super Heros, is The Green Lantern's super-power, his ring, a real super-power or ...
All Vampire, Blood Sucking Required FFA Anon Weekend Readalong 2011-01-21 (closed)
All Vampire, Blood Sucking Required FFA Anon Weekend Readalong
Favorite Weasley 2005-04-29
Which is your favorite Weasley member?
Three Great Fantasies! 2006-08-09
A popular fantasy of present day, harry potter, a popular modern classic, lord of the rings and a...
Batman showdown 2008-12-14 (closed)
Batman, friends and rivals faceoff.
Books 1? 2009-06-12
Of the two choices, which would you rather read (even if you didn't want to read either of them, ...
Who is the best elf? 2009-10-26
the elfs I include are from LoTR and Eragon