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Book Popularity (Have You Heard Of These Books?) 2010-08-25
The following are books I would describe as universally popular. I want to see if what one person...
Fav superhero(MARVEL) 2010-09-14
Who do u think the awesomest marvel hero is
Of the biggest Marvel Heroes, which is your favorite? 2012-09-04
Of the biggest Marvel Heroes, which is your favorite?
Perfect X-Men Team 2003-12-12
What X-Men Line Up is the best???
Xmen 2007-06-09
X fans take this quiz
Which Wonder Woman? 2007-10-09
There have been many versions of Wonder Woman over the years. Which is the best version?
Harry Potter Poll 231 2008-12-28
A poll about Harry Potter. The 231 is to distinguish it from other Harry Potter polls. Contains s...
Which is your favourite Jack Reacher book? 2009-01-03
Which is your favourite Jack Reacher book?
Favourite marvel hero 2009-10-16 (closed)
Choose your favourite marvel hero out of 14 characters
Twilight to Breaking Dawn 2009-11-23 (closed)
questions from over the books :)
Woleverine vs Batman 2006-04-04
Who would honestly win in a fight between these to famouse "anti" heros... Claws vs bra...
Dream Comic Book Battles 2006-04-04
This is some of the best comic book battles I could think of, Yes I know some of this battles hav...
Your Top 10 Marvel Villains 2008-10-01
Tell me who your favorite or who you think are the best Marvel Villains. Anybody from The Red Sku...
Warrior Cats!! 2008-10-18 (closed)
I love Warrior Cats I own all of them and Im waiting to buy Tigerstar and sasha # 2 and #3 and Lo...
Star Legacy 2009-02-03
For Star Legacy readers...
MARVEL/DC 2010-05-02 (closed)
Books: Print or Electronic? 2013-06-24
Ever since Gutenberg invented the printing press in the fifteenth century, print was virtually th...
Whats your fave book!!! 2003-01-02
Do you prefer to lie back and read a classic, fall off your seat reading an action or run out of ...
Which of the Marauders would you choose to marry? 2005-11-19
If you had a choice to undergo Holy Matrimony with one of the Marauders, who would it be?
Favorite Authors 2008-03-03
Favorite Authors
Imran Series 2009-03-28
Imran Series is Pakistani Ibn-e-Safi’s least best-selling Urdu spy novels series. The first nov...
Do you read these sort of books? 2011-01-02
To see what genres you read
marvel vs dc 3 2005-07-08
its goin down
superheroes 2005-10-06
What are elves like? 2006-02-16
There are several completely different approaches concerning the character and nature of elves in...