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What Are Your Favorite Types of Books? 2007-10-03
A poll asking various questions associated with your favorite types of story genres.
Comics Characters Fight 2 2003-06-01
Well it is Marvel vs Dc again
X-Men. 2003-06-30
Best Male Character 2005-10-11
awards for the best sweet valley male character.
How faithful are you to your homework? 2007-10-26
When you turn in your homework... on time, did you 100% do all of the work yourself?
Why do you buy a book? 2008-01-05
Why do you buy a book?
Who killed Fred Weasley? 2008-02-08
Who killed Fred Weasley?
Do you prefer Fiction or Nonfiction? 2016-10-23
Do you prefer Fiction or Nonfiction?
Best TABLOID magazine 2005-05-03
Tell me what you think.
snape good or evil? 2007-05-08
is snape good or evil
Anime/Manga vs Comics/Toons 2008-11-01 (closed)
not really much...just an random poll
comic super heroes poll 2005-02-19
i want your opinions on which super heroes dominate which
Who is the best superhero? 2006-03-25
Taking into account powers abilities and weaknesses who is the best superhero?
A question on vampires 2008-02-06
This debate has been raging at my lunch table for several weeks now, so I turn to the Internet to...
Maximum Ride Poll 2008-03-01
A poll all based to Maximum Ride
NARNIA poll 2008-11-18 (closed)
It's a whole poll asking various questions about the Narnia chronicles.
Super Heros 2009-02-04 (closed)
Pick your favorite super hero.
Anime vs Marvel Series 2009-06-05
Anime vs Marvel Series
Comic Book Wars 2009-08-31
Who would win out of these fights? Consider All these Charicters at their peak strength and prepa...
Favorite Books 2009-11-15
Choose your favorite books
Fantasy Catfights 2016-06-08
A poll featuring a collection of various and random girl-on-girl or "catfight" scenario...
Harry potter vs Spiderman 2006-07-08
Magic or technology! fantasy or sci-fi! wizardry or science! wizard or a superhero! YOU DECIDE!!!
Harry Potter poll 2007-10-27
Just a poll for Harry Potter fans.
best comic villain or horror villian 2008-08-15 (closed)
best comic villain or horror villian
Disney and Marvel Comics 2009-11-10
I want to know what people think of the fact that Disney now owns Marvel.