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The Green Lantern - Superpower or Technology? 2010-02-05
In the world of Super Heros, is The Green Lantern's super-power, his ring, a real super-power or ...
Twilight vs. Harry Potter - the final round 2010-02-04 (closed)
OK, so I made to other polls similar to this, about Twilight and Harry Potter, which were pretty ...
LADIES! What do you think of guys in TIGHT JEANS! 2010-01-18
LADIES! What do you think of guys in TIGHT JEANS!
JMIGS Pop Culture Awards 2009 2009-12-30 (closed)
Pop Culture Awards (Results on January 1, 2010)
All Comic Books. 2009-12-19 (closed)
All Comic Books.
Have you ever been to a psychologist? 2009-12-12
Have you ever been to a psychologist?
Best FAntasy Story Book Ever 2009-12-11 (closed)
Select The Best Fantacy Story U ever Read I have read 3 So i will add 3 options and another op...
Warrior Fan Poll 2009-12-04 (closed)
I like the Warriors books,
WINX 2009-11-29
W.I.T.C.H. VS WINX CLUB 2009-11-29
Twilight to Breaking Dawn 2009-11-23 (closed)
questions from over the books :)
Favorite Books 2009-11-15
Choose your favorite books
Superhero strength 2009-11-10
Superhero strength
Disney and Marvel Comics 2009-11-10
I want to know what people think of the fact that Disney now owns Marvel.
Superheroes Fight 2009-11-07
Pick the winner of each fight. In each fight, the heroes are fighting for keeps, no punches pull...
Which book title is the most catching? 2009-10-26 (closed)
For a middle grade children's book (age 9-13), which title is likely to grab you and make you pic...
Who is the best elf? 2009-10-26
the elfs I include are from LoTR and Eragon
Who's Your Favorite Vampire? 2009-10-26 (closed)
We want to know who your favorite Vampire is from Literature, TV, or movies.
Author's Purpose Quiz 2009-10-23
This quiz is a multiple choice quiz on whether you can identify the author's purpose.
DC vs Marvel 2009-10-16 (closed)
DC vs Marvel
Favourite marvel hero 2009-10-16 (closed)
Choose your favourite marvel hero out of 14 characters
A Magazine Reading Poll 2009-10-14
To find out which type of magazines people like to read
Which Clique girl is better? 2009-10-05
pick your favorite clique girl!
What do you think our magazine name should be? 2009-09-23 (closed)
Help name our new international Lifestyle, Art, and Fashion Magazine!
Wheel of Time 2009-09-23
With book 12 due in October, I figured I'd see what fans think about the series so far...