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X-Men. 2003-06-30
What is your favorite magazine? ( girls only ) 2003-06-15
Girls I just wanna find out everyones favorite magazine no big deal.
Superman Vs X-Men 2003-06-06
Superman is taking on each of the X-Men Gold and Blue in one on one fights
Comics Characters Fight 2 2003-06-01
Well it is Marvel vs Dc again
Comic poll 2003-05-28
The Ultimate Comic Book Poll.
X-Men girls 2003-05-14
I saw X-men 2 and thought it was great. The only problem was that Jean Grey was too ugly and Roug...
Best X-men Character 2003-05-14
Who is the best???
Superman or Goku 2003-05-06
Me and my son were arguing over who was the stronger of the two. Anyone have any input?
Comic Characters Fight 2003-04-24
Who would win in a fight
Who's gunna die in book 5? 2003-04-11
Death awaits somebody,speak out and tell us!
Goku VS. Superman 2003-04-07
In this ultimate 1-on-1 slugfest...
What is the best Dirk Gently Book 2003-03-25
Just select the best Dirk Gently book you have read.
Best Comic Duo of All Time ! 2003-02-19
Now You Can Choose Who is The Best Comic Duo of All Time
Cell Books Poll 2003-02-15
This poll is to determine if a market is avaiable for the product of Cell Books. Cell Books is a...
X-MEN 2003-01-27
Who is your fav x-man???
Whats your fave book!!! 2003-01-02
Do you prefer to lie back and read a classic, fall off your seat reading an action or run out of ...
Books 2002-12-16
Do you read? Does your child read? Are you a child who reads? Waht books do you read? Find ou...
Pride and Prejudice(the classic book) 2002-10-17
I read this book recently and noticed there were no polls about it-NONE! So here it is:)
Superman vs Captain Marvel: Armswrestling Battle 2002-10-13
Who's got the Super-Strongest Bicep in the Universe!?? Who's "Gunz" are Number 1!? We'...
Harry Potter Books 2002-08-05
Which is your favorite HARRY POTTER book
Batman 2002-05-01
Is Batman a superhero?
Books 2002-04-29
Favorite Fantasy/Sci-Fi Books 2002-03-19
Vote on your fave. author and book in the fantasy/sci-fi genre.
X-MENS BEAST 2002-01-03
The creators at marvel have recently desided to change to appearance of one of the x-mens best lo...
Which Batman villian is the coolest? 2001-12-12
There are lots of villans, but which is the best?