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Spawn Vs Blade 2005-06-05
Who would win in this fight
would you? 2005-05-27
i just want to know. anyone can take this poll i dont care who.
Harry Potter Obsession 2005-05-21
How obsessed are you with Harry Potter?
the hulk vs spider-man vs fantasic-4 vs dare devil vs cap am 2005-05-20
erica vs spider woman vs super man vs super woman vs green lanturn
New Bridal Magazine 2005-05-09
A new bridal magazine/planning guide is being introduced in York Region, Ontario, Canada for 2006...
night world and secret circle 2005-05-03
if u are a fan of secret circle and night world take this poll
Best Book Ever Contest Round 4 2005-05-03
Which Book is the best?
Best TABLOID magazine 2005-05-03
Tell me what you think.
Favorite Weasley 2005-04-29
Which is your favorite Weasley member?
Favorite MAGAZINES Poll 2005-04-26
Tell me your favorites.
Best Book Ever Contest Round 3 2005-04-03
Which Book is the best?
Books, Books, Books 2005-03-22
What books that are my favorites, are your favorites as well.
Best Book Ever Contest Round 2 2005-03-08
Which Book is the best?
comic super heroes poll 2005-02-19
i want your opinions on which super heroes dominate which
Superman vs Wolverine 2005-02-11
This is a short poll about superheroes
Best Book Ever Contest Round 1 2005-02-02
Which Book is the best?
X-Men vs. Justice League 2005-01-26
Vote for your favorite X-Man or the JL hero.
Fantasy-book of 2004 2004-12-03
2004 was a year, rich with interesting and enjoyable fantasy novels. But which one is the best?
How many books? 2004-11-23
Hi I'm just wondering ifI read too many books
Harry Potter Books 2004-11-10
How would you rate J.K Rowling's bestsellers, Harry Potter?
X-Men 3: Who's in it? 2004-09-25
Just curious.
Which X-Men character is your favorite? 2004-09-03
Don't take this seriously.
Books, books, books! 2004-08-13
A poll about books, reading, and other book related stuff!
X-men poll 2004-06-11
Like x-men you'll like this poll
Super Villians and Heros 2004-05-27
About Super villians and super heros and gyro rolls