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superheroes 2005-10-06
Best Harry Potter Book 2005-10-03
Which Harry Potter book do you think is the best?
Best Batman Graphic Novel 2005-09-22
You know what to do.
Terry Pratchett 2005-09-19
For all you people who love the works of Terry Pratchett, this one's for you!
Batman vs Captain America 2005-09-12
Two Universes, two heroes - one winner
Nerd Face-Off Showdown! 2005-09-09
Let's see some things!
How many people are upset over the ending to Harry potter 6 2005-08-31
How many people are pissed about the ending to book 6
Your Favourite Genre 2005-08-30
Which Genre concerning books is your personal favourite? Wether you prefer mystery to fantasy, ro...
Best Book Ever Contest Round 7 2005-08-17
Which Book is the best?
harry potter characters 2005-08-10
want your opinion on some hp characters
Super Heros! What gadgets are needed?? 2005-08-10
I am making a new super hero and she is pretty awesome, however I do not know what gadgets whe ne...
Fiction or Factual books? 2005-08-09
Ummmmm know you have to write something here............
Who Do You Think Will Die In Harry Potter 7? 2005-08-09
Who Will Die In HP 7? Harry or Voldemort?
DC vs Marvel 2005-08-01
This poll is to see if DC or Marvels characters are better then the others
Everything Harry Potter 2005-07-08
The titles pretty self-explanatory.
marvel vs dc 3 2005-07-08
its goin down
Best Book Ever Contest Round 6 2005-07-08
Which Book is the best?
Superman vs. Batman 2005-07-06
Superman or Batman
My Fantasy Trilogy 2005-07-05
I'm writing a fantasy trilogy. Thanks for taking the poll.
Best comic of all humor 2005-06-28
Comics. There everywhere. On your newspapers, um.... Internet.....Soccerball? Anyway, Vote away o...
Is Cory Doctorow worth reading? 2005-06-23
Is Cory Doctorow worth reading?
HARRY POTTER! 2005-06-21
Pealse take this poll!
lemony snicket 2005-06-15
Best Book Ever Contest Round 5 2005-06-05
Which Book is the best?
The ultimate wrestling magazine. 2005-06-05
This poll is to see which wrestling magazine people think is the best one of all.