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How faithful are you to your homework? 2007-10-26
When you turn in your homework... on time, did you 100% do all of the work yourself?
Effectiveness in "The Chase" 2007-10-26
Which element of writing in "The Chase" do you think is most effective in developing th...
Which Wonder Woman? 2007-10-09
There have been many versions of Wonder Woman over the years. Which is the best version?
spiderman villians face off 2007-10-07
who beats who in spidey's villian gallery?
What Are Your Favorite Types of Books? 2007-10-03
A poll asking various questions associated with your favorite types of story genres.
GOLEM: The Word 2007-09-24
A Matter of Fiction. I want to know if this word, golem, is in the public conscience.
X-men vs. Justice League 2007-09-20
Who would win??? The Skull bashing original heroes, or the Powerful mutant team???
What types of books do you like? 2007-09-15
I'm currently into alot of books and writing, and i'd simply like to know what the majority of pe...
Marvel vs Ultimate Marvel 2007-09-15
This poll is for people who read Marvel and/or Ultimate Marvel comics and know the difference bet...
The Ultimate Harry Potter Poll *SPOILERS included* 2007-09-13
First of all, I'd like to warn all that this poll could likely ruin your enjoyment of the Harry P...
Harry Potter 7 2007-09-06
How did it turn out to you
MARVEL VS. DC 2007-09-04
Which is better?
Harry Potter 2007-09-02
About the HP books and movies
Harry Potter pairings (couples) 2007-08-30
Which do you like most?
Who's the best of Hogwarts staff? 2007-08-21
who in your opinion is the best from the Hogwarts Staff
Harry Potter Characters 2007-08-14
Which character is your favorite?
Wizards 2007-08-14
Which is the greatest wizard.
Best Harry Potter character 2007-08-10
Just wanna know what everyones favorite Harry Potter character is, mind this is the books, and te...
Superheroes 2 2007-08-10
This is for deciding who are the most powerful beings in the marvel universe.
Classic Fantasies 2007-08-04
Which is best?
Favorite Harry Potter Book 2007-08-04
Assuming you have read ALL seven of the Harry Potter Books, could you tell me which was tops in e...
Star Wars: Legacy Of The Force 2007-07-28
I want to know all you star wars fan's thoughts on this new series.
The Sub-mariner Mini-series 2007-07-25
What did you think about it?
Harry Potter characters 2007-07-23
So, who are your favourite and least favourite characters?
all comic herovillian fight 2007-07-22
who would win in a fight?