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Jane Austen's Gentlemen 2008-02-06
Out of curiosity, I would like to offer a question for all Austen fans...
A question on vampires 2008-02-06
This debate has been raging at my lunch table for several weeks now, so I turn to the Internet to...
PDF Converter for Blogs 2008-02-05
Please give your choice:
Favorite Books 2008-01-30 (closed)
This is a poll of some popular books, new and old.
Finding a new woman 2008-01-25 (closed)
I am currently thinking of ideas for a fan fiction and i need a pairing for Naruto.
wolverine vs spider-man 2008-01-21
who would win in a fight to the death
Hours of reading during a work day 2008-01-20 (closed)
How many hours do you spend reading (e-mails, reports, letters, homepages etc.) during a day at w...
Ultimate X-Men. The Poll! 2008-01-17
Just a poll about the Ultimate Marvel version of the X-Men.
Children's Literature/Film 2008-01-11
Children's Literature/Film
which novel would you like to read again? 2008-01-08
which novel would you like to read again?
Why do you buy a book? 2008-01-05
Why do you buy a book?
who's the best cat in the warrior cats books by erin hunter? 2008-01-02 (closed)
this poll is about what cat is the cat in the warrior cats books.
Calender-How Do You Like Calenders 2007-12-18 (closed)
Calender-How Do You Like Calenders
Classical Literature (Greece and Rome) 2007-12-13
Which classical authors have you read at least 100 pages of?
Reading 2007-12-09
elektra vs spiderman 2007-12-06
marvel's strongest female against marvel's most succesful heroe
Characters 2007-12-06
all about book, movie, and tv characters
New Ongoing Series Opinions - DC Comics 2007-12-04
Which of these characters would you most like to see get their own new ongoing title?
Warrior books by Erin Hunter 2007-11-27
Hi! This is a poll about the books that Erin Hunter has written. I don't know how many people hav...
Superheroes 2007-11-27
This poll will show whos who. (not wolverine)
marvel vs DC 2007-11-19
marvel vs DC
Decide which article is most interesting 2007-11-17
Read a random article from the <a href="http://www.nytimes.com">New York Times<...
The Magical World of Winter Valley 2007-11-17
I've written a novel called the Magical World of Winter Valley, and I need some opinions! :)
Best of Harry Potter 2007-11-17
A few favorites of the Harry Potter Books and Movies.
Harry Potter poll 2007-10-27
Just a poll for Harry Potter fans.