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Favourite DWJ character 2008-07-08
Which of the following characters created by Diana Wynne Jones is your favourite?
Which of these titles have you read? 2008-07-08
Which of the following books have you read? Pick as many as appropriate.
2nd round of Marvel Comics vs. DC Comics 2008-07-08
The winners of the 1st edition have moved on.
Superbeing standoff 2008-07-02
Superbeing standoff
Greatest Author Ever 2008-07-01 (closed)
Who was the greatest author ever?
mortal kombat v.s. marvel heroes 2008-07-01
mortal kombat v.s. marvel heroes
superheroes 2008-06-27
It has lots of marvel and dc and some peoplie you did not hear of.
Switch to boxers 2008-06-27
How should i tell my parents that I want to wear boxers
Marvel vs. DC 2008-06-27
Who would win in this amazing fight.
Who would win: Hulk vs. Goku 2008-06-27 (closed)
Who would win: Hulk vs. Goku
DC vs Marvel vs Image vs Darkhorse 2008-06-22 (closed)
The Big Four
Image vs Dark Horse 2008-06-22 (closed)
Heroes from both image and dark horse comics do battle
DC vs Marvel 2008-06-22 (closed)
battle of the characters from the two largest comic book franchises!
Maximum Ride. 2008-06-16
Do you like Maximum Ride?
batman characters FACE OFF 2008-06-09
So I ended up on the wikipedia page for batman characters the other day... for the fifth time. F...
Marvel vs Anime and Image and D.c 2008-06-09
Marvel vs Anime and Image and D.c
Archie Comics 2008-06-09
This poll is about the Archie Comic Charaters.
Will Bella become a vampire? 2008-06-07
In the upcoming finale to the Twilight series novel Breaking Dawn, the growing question of Bella'...
buffy the vampire slayer ''Question and Quiz'' 2008-06-07 (closed)
buffy the vampire slayer ''Question and Quiz''
Your Favorite The Outsiders Character 2008-06-07
Which is the better book? Harry Potter or Twilight? 2008-06-03 (closed)
Harry Potter has been a wildly popular book, millions of readers worldwide love it. Now, Twilight...
Ultimate Superhero Fight Poll!!!!! 2008-05-30
Ultimate Superhero Fight Poll!!!!!
Spiderman 2008-05-24
Teen Girl Best Series Ever 2008-05-22
Vote for the best series for teen girls ever.
Ed Edd Eddy RO 2008-05-22 (closed)
Ed Edd Eddy RO