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Anime / Manga


Best of Anime (Love) 2010-02-09
Vote for your favorite animes of love in miscallaneous categories. Also take <a href='http:/...
To Love Ru. Do you want it to Have second season? 2010-03-27 (closed)
Vote if you want To Love Ru to keep on with the story for like a thousand more episodes or more. ...
K-on! 2010-06-16
vote for your favorite character
Favourite Naruto Character Poll 2010-06-16
Favourite Naruto Character Poll
Best Starting Pokemon Evolution 2010-09-14
Best Starting Pokemon Evolution
Spanking science fiction story poll. 2011-06-26
This is a science fiction story meant to illustrate a concept. All characters are fictional. Con...
Who are Your FAVORITE Hetalia: Axis Powers/World Series Characters? 2011-12-12
Who are your favorite characters... either on the anime or even if they have not appeared yet in ...
Best DBZ Saga 2012-01-02
In your opinion which saga was the best in Dragon Ball Z? Mine was the Buu Saga. Keep in mind tha...
Top Hilarious Anime 2012-02-03
The anime that has most humor in it. Its main goal is to make you laugh. Nominate your funniest a...
Pokemon Adventures Manga 2012-08-27
This is based on the Pokemon Adventures manga by Hidenori Kusaka.
Best Anime Ever Round 4 TRIPLE OVERTIME 2014-10-06
Best Anime Ever Round 4 TRIPLE OVERTIME
Best Anime Ever Round 5 OVERTIME 2014-12-08
Best Anime Ever Round 5 OVERTIME
Do you girls crusing bugs ? 2021-12-09
Do you girls crusing bugs ?
DBZ Poll 2000-12-08
This poll title says it all and answer it please.
The Tenchi Muyo Poll 2000-12-16
Choose your favorite Tenchi series, movie, and character. *=Author's Picks.
DBZ/DBGT 2001-03-24
Please only choose 1-3 Characters please. Thank You. ^_^
Digimon vs. Pokémon 2002-01-14
This poll was created to see what people think of the two quite popular television shows.
Gundam Wing 2002-03-11
Come here for the Ultimate expeirence of Gundam Wing Polling!
General Anime Poll 2002-04-02
A poll on anime in general.
Yu-Gi-Oh 2003-01-27
Here's my second poll which is about the greatest anime show to come out in the US and Canada so ...
The Gundam Universe Poll 2003-02-19
Most polls on the site were created only taking Gundam Wing into account. Wing is only one of th...
What's your favorite anime? 2003-10-02
Here, you can vote on your favorite anime. Just simply vote!
Which anime is better? 2004-09-15
Which anime is better?
Anime Magical Girl Poll 2005-01-03
This is a poll about what anime magical girl characters you like the best. Have Fun!
Do you like pokemon? 2005-05-21
This is a short, small poll, yes or no, you get the picture