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Anime / Manga


Your Anime Harem 2009-06-25
What if you could make your own harem out of girls from animes and mangas. Who would you put in i...
kikyo vs kagome 2010-05-02
kikyo vs kagome
Naruto Characters 2006-07-11
A poll about a variety of Naruto characters in the anime.
AnimeOTK Community Poll 2017-09-19
A poll for the AnimeOTK community
2nd Miss To-LOVE-ru poll 2009-06-25
It has been a while since the last time, but it's back! The Miss To-LOVE-ru Poll! Alot of things ...
To-LOVE-ru Miss Ecchiness Poll 2009-04-28
Among all the ladies from this story, four of them have shown us more ecchiness than the PlayBoy ...
What anime girl would you rather tickle 2015-07-10
What anime girl would you rather tickle
Who Do You Ship In Naruto? Pt. 1 (Straight and Canon-Ships) 2016-05-31
Everyone has their own selective ship in Naruto, or any anime/manga you've watched/read before. S...
Digimon Poll 2002-06-14
A nice and fun poll, please post messages.
The Girls of Pokemon 2008-04-14
The Girls of Pokemon
Bleach Yaoi Couples, Seme and Uke (spoilers for Soul-S Arc) 2006-07-24
Just a fun poll I made for the preferences of the Bleach yaoi fans. Yes, I know we rock 8D ...
Naruto vs. One Piece 2014-01-10
Battles! Action! Emotion! Which is the best anime out of these you choose, see what you like.
anime vs cartoons 2007-10-21
this poll is survey on whether think that anime is better then cartoons and vice versa.
Battle of the Fantasy Characters 2013-11-25
I will pit two fantasy characters (whether they be from books, movies, comics, video games or tel...
Beyblade Metal Fury Favorite Character Poll 2013-12-06
Special poll for voting the favorite Beyblade Metal Fury characters!
Detective Conan and Magic Kaito 1412 Character Poll 2015-01-02
Detective Conan and Magic Kaito 1412 Character Poll
To-LOVE-ru Mikan-Rito Poll 2009-07-17
Mikan & Rito: the bond that got everyone talking about lately...
Best Anime 2015!!! 2015-07-22
Find out what anime is the best around!!!!
What was the best fight in DBZ? 2013-09-23
only from Saiyan saga to Buu saga, what was the best fight in the show?
To-LOVE-ru Confession Poll 2009-08-24
A confession is coming... but from whom and to who?
who is your favorite Detective Conan character 2011-01-21
who is your favorite Detective Conan character
To-LOVE-ru Yami-Rito Poll 2009-07-24
Will she kill him at the end... or fall under his charm?
One Piece or Naruto Shippuden or Fairy Tail 2014-01-07
This poll is to see which anime you prefer
To-LOVE-ru Rito's attitude towards Lala 2009-06-19
Rito's attitude towards Lala has evolved towards the course of this story, but does he needs to g...
To-LOVE-ru Siblings Poll 2009-04-11
There are good and warm connection of siblings in To-LOVE-ru that we all admire and love.