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Anime / Manga


Favourite Fruits Basket Character? 2006-07-13
Which character do you like best or can refer to the most from the anime and manga Fruits Basket?
Favorite Anime Pairing 2006-08-15
Vote for who you think makes the best couple from a variety of anime.
Which Aizen from Bleach? 2006-08-23
Pick an Aizen! :P
Avatar Theories 2006-09-04
What do you think will happen in the future episodes of avatar. Note: Its best if your completely...
melee 2006-09-22
wut naruto guy is 4 u? 2006-09-22
what would you do if the naruto charachters wer real? would you drool? i know i would.
Yomiko 2006-09-29
Just a question that has been bugging me, is Yomiko (Read or Die) a lesbian?
Ed, Edd n Eddy 2006-11-20
Ed, Edd n Eddy cartoon
Naruto characters 2006-11-20
Pick which naruto character you think would win
YAOi! Which Yaoi pairings from various animes are the best? 2006-11-28
Please make your choices. Your voting is highly appreciated! :)
Anime or Manga 2007-01-23
WHich Japanese is better
Naruto Poll 2007-02-05
Answer the questions about naruto cmpletely. thanks
anmie 2007-02-08
all anmie
.......or ......... (Naruto, Inuyasha, FMA, Shaman King) 2007-02-08
Who do you like better?
Blue Troll 2007-02-15
This is a poll about The Evil Blue Troll from The Inspector Gadget show Dry Spell and she wanted ...
Kenshin vs. Amidamaru 2007-02-17
Who do you think would win?
Kingdom Hearts 2007-03-17
Which do you prefer out of the Kingdom Hearts games?
Who Is Your Favorite Character in Trinity Blood? 2007-04-25
Decide between the AX, Inquisitorial Dept., Rosen Kreuz Orden, New Human Empire, and others!
Naruto 2007-05-24
An overall Naruto poll.
bleach pop quiz - Arrancar 2007-06-08
How much do you really know about the arrancars in bleach? take this pop quiz and find out!
The BEST of DRAGONBALL 2007-06-08
One of his greatest Anime/Manga ever created by the NOW legendary artist Akira Toriyama. This pos...
Who's UR fave final fantasy character? 2007-06-10
this poll is 2 see who's your fave character!!!
Ouran Host Club pairings 2007-06-20
Which pairings do you like?
Naruto yuri pairings 2007-06-20
Which do you like?
Yu-GI-Oh! Favorite God card 2007-06-21
which's your favorite god card