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Anime / Manga


One Piece New Nakama 2009-04-12
One Piece New Crew Member
":~.~:"Which Do You Prefer":~.~:" 2009-04-28
Bleach Characters Zanpakutos and Couples :D
Favorite Bronze Saint 2009-06-08
Favorite Bronze Saint
My Bleach Poll 2009-06-09
What do you want to happen in the anime/manga Bleach
What is my best anime? 2009-06-12
I have a lot of anime in my DVD collection. Which do think is best? Also vist the sister poll h...
Who Should Be Together? Hinata and Naruto, or Sakura and Naruto? 2009-07-10
Who Should Be Together? Hinata and Naruto, or Sakura and Naruto?
Bleach Survey 2009-08-05
This is my first Poll. Hope you like it! (And if not, oh well.)
Ch'i Animals 2009-08-14
Lots of animes have fighters who's chi is represented by an animal. You often see the two animals...
Which 'Bleach' character are you!!!!!!!!!! 2009-09-23
This quiz will tell you which Bleach character....SO TAKE THE TEST!!!! Its easy!!!!
Anime World 2009-09-30
Anime World
Anime 120020 2009-09-30
Anime 120020
Name 2009-11-15
Some names a very popular. Who's your favorite characters to have which name.
Naruto Poll 2009-12-11
If you where a ninja in Naruto, what would you be like. <img src="http://4smiley.com/smil...
The Best of Anime 3 (Miscellaneous) 2009-12-12
Vote for your favorite anime in miscallaneous categories. Also take <a href='http://www.mist...
Best Gundam Series 2010-01-19
This will decide the true shining star of the Gundam anime franchise. I will not be including the...
Best of Anime (School) 2010-03-11
Vote for your favorite school and students from animes. Also take <a href='http://www.misterp...
Bleach Poll Extended 2010-04-15
Thought of some more questions for my Bleach Poll. Yay! See the original for more details... if t...
inuyasha vs ... 2010-05-13
it is awesome
K-on! 2010-06-16
vote for your favorite character
Pokemon theme songs and others 2010-07-18
Basically i want your opinion on the pokemon songs and characters.
Naruto Pair 2010-09-27
Who is your favorite in Naruto
What Country Do You Prefer Out Of These? 2011-04-05
I'm planning out my Axis Powers Hetalia OC, but I ca't think of a country for her.
Who would win in a fight? 2011-04-05
Which ones would win against the other? It's entirely your opinion.
What Japanese Name Do You Like The Best? 2011-04-16
What Japanese Name Do You Like The Best?
Yaoi/shonen ai 2011-05-16
Just curious about knowing peoples view on yaoi.