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Anime / Manga


The mother of all fantasy batttles 2009-05-09
The mother of all fantasy batttles
Will there be a Toradora season 2? 2010-06-03
that all.
Avatar: the last airbender 2011-01-10
Water. Earth. Fire. Air. Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then, everything c...
Sonic vs Road Runner 2012-05-29
The two fastest blue animals.
Which manga should I read? 2013-02-25
Pick one for me
Do you really... (Naruto) 2007-02-08
Iiiiii can't believe it - some people even think that the greatest ninja ever lived is the leader...
Please read oh GAWD PLEASE!! 2007-12-27 (closed)
its about things
Anime ShowdownNNNN!!!!!!!11 2008-04-24 (closed)
Anime ShowdownNNNN!!!!!!!11
Anime, Why? 2001-12-18
I'm just wondering why so many people prefer anime to cartoons. This poll is a result of my being...
avatar (a suki fans' MUST do!) 2007-12-18
avatar (a suki fans' MUST do!)
DBZ vegeta poll 2008-03-01 (closed)
Naruto Couples 2008-12-07
Hitman Reborn 2009-11-10
This is an awesome anime/manga that no one knows about but it is one of my favorites so i made a ...
Manga hair styles 2010-04-05
Manga hair styles
Who is you're favorit Strawhat Crewmember? 2011-04-22
One Piece Strawhat Crew
Which anime is better 13? 2012-07-23
I am starting this to figure out the best anime out there so many more polls will come over time
dragon ball z: your opinion 2012-10-04
i have no relation ship with dragon ball z corperations. i have made this poll to see your opi...
animes best of the best (good guys) 2006-05-04
this is a poll to see who you think is the best anime warrior
Who's Vegetas perfect wife? 2006-10-10
It's about Dragonball Z- Vegeta
Naruto character preferance 2007-03-29
I was just curious as to who people liked!!!
Naruto battle poll 2007-08-10
Who would win in a fight?
Awesome Bleach Fights 2008-06-07 (closed)
Awesome Bleach Fights
To love-ru date poll 2010-01-22 (closed)
Which to love-ru character would you like to date?
Anime FACIAL Characteristics 2010-07-08
Anime FACIAL Characteristics
dragon ball z gt poll 2011-08-15
dragon ball z gt poll