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Anime / Manga


Who is the hottest animated guy? 2005-09-14
Help crown "the hottest animated guy"
Fave superhero/villain 2006-02-16
Just a test
Do you think Trunks(DBZ)+Hitomi(DOA) would be a nice couple? 2006-10-25
Trunks, and Hitomi. For me one of the best couples. What do you think?
japanese vs English 2007-04-19
Music in Pokemon
One Naruto Question 2007-05-29
a single question of naruto popularity
avatar season 3 prediction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 2007-06-10
this is a poll about what you think will happen in season 3 of avatar the last airbender take thi...
Digimon? 2009-08-15 (closed)
well mostly about the boyyss oh and girls too.
Ash Ketchum's ideal team (Pokemon fans only) 2013-04-04
Ever wanted to construct Ash's ideal Pokemon team from the anime? Voice your opinion here! This...
Which anime do you like more? 2014-03-27
Which anime do you like more?
Who Do You Ship In Naruto? Pt. 1 (Straight and Canon-Ships) 2016-05-31
Everyone has their own selective ship in Naruto, or any anime/manga you've watched/read before. S...
Anime Sword Fight Contest Round 1 2004-09-15
Who is better with the sword? the can use the sword and any skills with the sword to defeat their...
Should there be another Dragonball series? 2006-01-25
I think there should be another Dragonball series. Please take this poll
The Ultimate DragonBall poll 2006-06-21
this poll is about dragonball
Best Naruto Character 2007-06-21
Show your love for your favorite character!
DBZ 2008-03-31 (closed)
Who has more muscle
pinoy dream academy SEASON 02 "acadremians" 2008-07-22
pinoy dream academy SEASON 02 "acadremians"
Naruto would like 2009-08-05
When you clicked this you probably expected a couples pole but i want to know want kind of things...
Top 10 Most Popular Animes PART 2 2010-04-26 (closed)
This is part 2 Cuz there were to many anime to fit in part 1 so same thing as in part one
Naruto Pair 2010-09-27
Who is your favorite in Naruto
Which anime is better 6? 2011-12-17
I am starting this to figure out the best anime out there so many more polls will come over time
º•Sailor Moon/Dragonball Z Character Poll•º 2002-08-19
Hey! :) This poll is mostly for those that like both Sailor Moon AND Dragonball Z anime (myself b...
Cosplay and Roleplaying 2006-05-17
For all girls who enjoys costume play and roleplaying
Naruto 2007-05-24
An overall Naruto poll.
Straw Hat Pirates 2008-03-11 (closed)
Straw Hat Pirates
The Law of Power 2009-07-01
In the anime & manga series The Law of Ueki, God had 100 God Candidates each give a super pow...