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NARUTO 2008-05-13 (closed)
Anime Characteristics (READ) 2009-01-13
When watching Anime do you think the characters look White or Asians? Ignore hair color and eye c...
Inuyasha 2009-03-17
A Ten-Ten pole 2009-10-11
One of the lesser known Naruto and under appreciated characters so i thought i would make her a p...
Your Favorite Anime 2006-06-24
This poll will tell you your favorite anime
Multi-Anime Poll 2006-08-05
This poll has multiple anime/manga questions, and if you haven't seen/read one anime, you can ski...
Yu-GI-Oh! Favorite God card 2007-06-21
which's your favorite god card
Dragon Ballz Imagination 2008-09-22
Dragon Ballz Imagination
avatar couples 2008-10-11 (closed)
avatar couples
Dragonball Z fights (round 3) 2009-01-05 (closed)
Dragonball Z fights (round 3)
Weird and Wacky Inventions 2009-08-31
In animes and mangas, there is often an inventor who builts new machines that have bizarre or use...
Which is the strongest anime 2012-02-22
Which is the strongest anime
Naruto Poll 2012-02-22
Naruto Poll
Pokemon 2012-05-18
Which are your favourite starters?
. ; What is your favorite anime? : . 2004-11-05
I have switched poll servers for AnimeSpiritZ since my last one crashed. This month's poll will b...
im getting sick of naruto polls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2006-06-21
Most popular anime game characters 2007-04-07
I am baking cookies in shapes of the most popular characters so I could sell them at an anime con...
Avatar opinions!!! 2007-04-19
Ican't wait for the new season of Avatar to come on!!!Do you even like avatar? Post opinions!!!
Manga 2008-03-31 (closed)
Tell Me Which Manga is Best!
Favorite Anime 2008-04-24 (closed)
Favorite Anime
bleach 47 2008-07-05
bleach 47
DragonBall Z fights (round 2) 2009-01-05 (closed)
DragonBall Z fights (round 2)
Favorite Bronze Saint 2009-06-08
Favorite Bronze Saint
Ch'i Animals 2009-08-14
Lots of animes have fighters who's chi is represented by an animal. You often see the two animals...
Anime 120020 2009-09-30
Anime 120020