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Anime / Manga


what is more childish: digemon or pokemon? 2008-07-23
what is more childish: digemon or pokemon?
Ash and Misty 2009-12-04
This is a poll to see how many people want Misty to return to the show and how many people think ...
Naruto WoW 2009-12-08
What if naruto character played world of warcraft? what race would they be? What class? well i'm ...
What is your favorite Starter Pokemon? 2011-03-22
What is your favorite Starter Pokemon?
What are Your Favorite Genres of Manga/Anime? 2012-04-10
Which genres do you like?
Frieza vs Myotismon vs Moo 2008-12-04
Frieza from Dragonball Z, Myotismon from Digimon, and Moo from Monster Rancher. Three-way battle.
Digimon Poll 231 2009-02-01
A poll about the Digimon anime. The 231 is to distinguish it from other polls about Digimon. Only...
which naruto special ability would u have 2010-07-26
this quiz will allow u to express which of the following abilitys u would have if u could based o...
Beyblade Metal Fury Favorite Character Poll 2013-12-06
Special poll for voting the favorite Beyblade Metal Fury characters!
ANIME 2005-01-14
ANIME! trying to find which is the best anime :D sorry if i didnt put yours.
Fullmetal Alchemist Poll (FAP) 2005-10-19
Seeing as there aren't any other FAPs on the site (that I know of) I thought I'd make one, so her...
Naruto Manga 2007-10-23
The Avatar Poll 2008-07-22
This is a poll to see who wants to be what kind benders in the Avatar world. This poll is base on...
Code Geass Poll 2009-05-21
Code Geass Poll
Heroes vs Villians 2009-12-12
Heroes vs Villians
What's your favorite anime? 2003-10-02
Here, you can vote on your favorite anime. Just simply vote!
your fav pokemon 2008-07-22
choose your favorite pokemon
Pokemon Voice Actors 2008-09-16
Pokemon Voice Actors
Naruto and Mortal Kombat crossover battles 2009-04-12 (closed)
There are a lot of crossover battles so relax and vote
dragon ball z 2010-12-28
dragon ball z
Manga 2011-08-15
i'm an otaku so i'm often on Mangareader
Yahiko Myojin and Tsubame Sanjo 2005-06-05
The poll is about the love between Yahiko Myojin and Tsubame Sanjo
Which Rurouni Kenshin character is the best? 2005-10-11
This has as many Kenshin characters listed as I could remember. So, choose the best of all! (Not...
WHICH DO YOU PREFER??? 2007-12-06
which you like to see on the site
Dragon Ball Z - Who would win in a fight? 2009-06-21 (closed)
A series of battles that I personally think would be close calls. Vote for who you think would wi...