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Anime / Manga


Beyblade Metal Fury Favorite Character Poll 2013-12-06
Special poll for voting the favorite Beyblade Metal Fury characters!
All About YUGIOH!!! 2003-10-09
For ya'll yugioh fans heres the ultimate poll
You Favourite Anime 2006 2006-10-24
Vote for your favourite anime in group A.
naruto 2008-04-04 (closed)
which is the best character from naruto?
Naruto Ultimante justu 2009-08-03
There are rumors about super powerful justu that have not yet been seen what is your opinion
Dragonball Z Movies Poll 2009-09-27
A poll about the Dragonball Z movies.
Your Top 5 Favorite Studio Ghibli Movies 2012-02-06
I'm hoping to create a list of the 10 most liked Studio Ghibli films. It would be great if you co...
Best Anime Ultimate vote-off 2012-05-01
Which anime do you like more?
Attack on Titan Poll 2014-05-05
Attack on Titan is one of the most famous 2013 anime due to date. It is praised for having great ...
Winx Club 2009-05-21
do you like it? why? what couples do you like? how often do you watch it? etc.
Will Kisame Die? 2009-06-06
Will Kisame Die?
Favorite Gaint Robot 2009-07-01
A lot of animes have gaint robots in them.
FUNNIEST NARUTO POLL EVAR!! 2010-02-21 (closed)
Which is your Favorite Pokemon Rival? 2011-03-22
Which is your Favorite Pokemon Rival?
Anime Magical Girl Poll 2005-01-03
This is a poll about what anime magical girl characters you like the best. Have Fun!
Avatar the last Airbender poll made by Alexis 2006-12-02
The title tells all but this is my first cpoll so it probaly stinks but thanx 4 check'n it out ho...
which manga is more exciting 2009-09-07 (closed)
which manga is more exciting
Yaoi/shonen ai 2011-05-16
Just curious about knowing peoples view on yaoi.
shaman king favo character 2006-10-17
who's your favorite character and favorite episode??
Broly the Legendary Super Saiyan 2009-03-07
Broly the Legendary Super Saiyan
Naruto 2009-07-17 (closed)
who is your favourite
Random Anime Poll 2010-03-27
I'm bored...so I'm making a poll
What are Your Favorite Genres of Manga/Anime? 2012-04-10
Which genres do you like?
Torgo's Ultimate Anime Survey 2001-03-10
Hiya you like polls? You like anime? You like my site? Then you'll like this poll!
*~*General Anime and Manga Poll*~* 2002-01-03
Well, this is a very short poll. I just want to know what anime or manga people like.