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Anime / Manga


Best Anime Movie 2008-04-24
Best Anime Movie
Naruto Manga ! only If ur not a naruto nub 2008-05-16 (closed)
Bleach Zanpakutoh 2009-02-23 (closed)
BaSiCaLlY it's all about what characteristics u like about Zanpakutoh and what u would want.
To-Love-Ru 2009-09-02 (closed)
To-Love-Ru Love it or Hate it
What do you think about yaoi? 2010-02-20
What do you think about yaoi?
Broly Strength 2008-07-01
Broly Strength
Anime Characters 2 2009-09-26
Anime Characters 2
Miss To Love-Ru 2011 2011-06-10 (closed)
Here it is, every girl, wether they appeared in the entire series, or if they only appeared in a ...
Inuyasha-Who's the best charater 2007-10-03
Who is the best person/demon out of Inuyasha well lets find out.
bleach 2007-10-30
Yu-Gi-Oh! Poll 231 2008-12-14
A poll about Yu-Gi-Oh. The 231 is just to distinguish it from other polls about yu-gi-oh.
DRAGONBALL Z 2008-12-31
Name 2009-11-15
Some names a very popular. Who's your favorite characters to have which name.
Who is your Favorite Toloveru character (semi-final)? 2010-02-21
toloveru is on the end of being over all together =( lets take the second vote http://www.miste...
About Totally Spies characters 2016-09-24
About Totally Spies characters
The real hotttest anime chicks poll 2006-08-19
The author actually knows what anime means instead of some idiot who worships disney.
Naruto characters 2006-11-20
Pick which naruto character you think would win
What is your favorate Anime. 2007-12-06
Enjoy Anime fans.
Pokemon Stuff 2008-03-01
Last Man Standing 2009-10-08
Anime Insider had a department called Last Man Standing. In it two characters from different anim...
What anime is the best out of the ones listed below? 2010-02-08
which anime is the best
What was the best fight in DBZ? 2013-09-23
only from Saiyan saga to Buu saga, what was the best fight in the show?
Favorite DBZ Character 2001-10-17
What is your favorite Dragonball Z character? Goku, Gohan, Vegeta...
Who's the HOTTEST manga guy? 2006-03-08
Here's your chance to pick the best of the best, I want to see what you think.
the best member of akatsuki 2007-10-03
1.itachi 2.kisame 3.deidara 4.sasori 5.zetsu 6.tobi 7.kakuzu 8.hidan 9.konan 10.pain ...