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Anime / Manga


what is your favourite anime 2009-08-15 (closed)
what is your favourite anime
Anime World 2009-09-30
Anime World
Official Pokemon "What If" 2010-09-16
An official "what if" exclusively for pokemon!
Favorite anime shows 2013-03-28
Listed in this poll are some of the most popular anime cartoons ever made. Which ones are your a...
Anime Poll 2003-06-25
Let people know your opinions of Anime
Anime 2008-01-31
This is to test your knowledge of Anime. Very basic stuff.
legendary pokemon 2008-07-23
which is your favorite legendary pokemon?
How young looking is Eve(Black Cat)\Yami(ToLoveru)? 2009-05-23 (closed)
How young looking is Eve(Black Cat)\Yami(ToLoveru)?
Naruto characters hot or not 2 2009-07-21
I am seriously starting to run out of of jokes give me ideas if you know how
Giant Robot 2009-08-03
What if you pilot a giant robot? What does it look like? What does it do. I put in options form s...
Queen of Code geass!!! 2009-11-10
Whos your fav code geass female character?
Anime Favorites 2003-07-15
Made a few changes for the better (but you probably won't notice).
Anime Showdown 2008-08-04
Anime Showdown
Marvel Vs D.C ,Anime and other 2008-09-24
Marvel Vs D.C ,Anime and other
What anime girl would you rather tickle 2015-07-10
What anime girl would you rather tickle
Whats Your Favorit Anime 2008-03-23
Whats Your Favorit Anime
Make your own ninja #2:Secretive of Secret missions 2009-02-13
Lady Tsunade is counting on you, Sakura,Sasuke,Naruto,and you, you are the most succesful group a...
Dragonball z vs poll 2010-03-22
Battles everyone wants to see!
Detective Conan Poll 2012-07-05
Detective Conan Poll
Yu-Gi-Oh fandom 2003-04-13
this is concerning Yu-Gi-Oh fandom. I'll be using the Japanese names cuz I like them better so :P...
My Anime Quiz 2003-05-07
Which Anime Characters or Anime do you like more? I wanna know!
legendary pokemon 2005-12-15
Hey everybody vote on what your favorite legendary pokemon is
what type of anime is best 2008-01-05 (closed)
what type of anime are you into?
Naruto yaoi couples 2008-12-21 (closed)
and yes, i know that there are some yuri couples in here, but whatever. For people that don't kno...
Shikamaru should be with 2009-07-24
Shikamaru should be with