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Anime / Manga


Anime vs Dc and Marvel 2009-06-26
Anime vs Dc and Marvel
What manga is better? 2009-08-04 (closed)
i made this poll to find which is more popular than the other
NaruHina or NaruSaku 2014-01-06
This poll is to see which Naruto Couple you would prefer NaruHina or Narusaku to see get together...
Best all time anime 2003-12-12
Best anime ever
pokemon gym leaders! 2005-12-23
Hey yall lets take a vote on wat ur most favorite gym leader is!!^^
too old for pokemon [only for those who dont like pokemon] 2008-06-27
hi im murray mustang! im 13 and still like pokemon! i also have an incredible attitude! thats why...
which anime charackter would you like to be 2008-10-24
Vampire Anime 2009-01-14 (closed)
Vampire Anime
Which Naruto (male) character is the hottest? 2009-06-25
Which Naruto (male) character is the hottest?
Sasuke should be with 2009-07-21
This is just like the Naruto should be with pole accept with Sasuke. I also added some of the gir...
what naruto jutsu do you want 2011-02-14
what naruto jutsu is your favorite?
Yu-Gi-Oh questionaire 2007-11-19
This takes into account several elements of Yu-Gi-Oh and some questions frequently asked.
Pairs with Sakura (Naruto) 2008-09-26
A research on what you think about the possible pairs for the beautiful Sakura! Remember that thi...
Saddest Scene in Code Geass 2009-06-08
Saddest Scene in Code Geass
create a anime girl 2013-06-20 (closed)
making a girl you like
Avatar Theories 2006-09-04
What do you think will happen in the future episodes of avatar. Note: Its best if your completely...
wut naruto guy is 4 u? 2006-09-22
what would you do if the naruto charachters wer real? would you drool? i know i would.
What shall be the option? 2012-06-11
Select the option which shall be used to create Crimson Heaven.
Cartoon Network Poll 2012-10-22
Cartoon Network Poll
Kingdom Hearts 2007-03-17
Which do you prefer out of the Kingdom Hearts games?
What do you think of the 'Pedophilia'-couple Pan x Trunks? 2007-08-14
I'm just interested in your thoughts of this disgusting couple...in Dragonball GT Trunks is 28 an...
naruto 2008-09-02
Sailor Moon Poll 231 2008-12-07
A poll about Sailor Moon, and a bit of it includes Sailor Moon R. The 231 is just to distinguish ...
what is your favourite anime 2009-08-15 (closed)
what is your favourite anime
Official Pokemon "What If" 2010-09-16
An official "what if" exclusively for pokemon!