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Anime / Manga


Naruto Vs Aang 2012-05-18
Ok, Pretty much Aang can go all out and as crazy as he wants. Aang can also go into his super for...
Yu-Gi-Oh 2006-01-25
It's time to DUEL!!
Batgirl vs Bane who wins? 2008-09-30 (closed)
Batgirl vs Bane
Best DBZ Saga 2012-01-02
In your opinion which saga was the best in Dragon Ball Z? Mine was the Buu Saga. Keep in mind tha...
Bleach 2008-05-24
Naruto Girls 2009-05-28 (closed)
Naruto Girls
Naruto should bewith... 2009-07-17
Naruto should bewith...
Gundam Wing 2002-03-11
Come here for the Ultimate expeirence of Gundam Wing Polling!
Anime Couples 2005-05-24
Which Anime couples do you like?
The BEST of DRAGONBALL 2007-06-08
One of his greatest Anime/Manga ever created by the NOW legendary artist Akira Toriyama. This pos...
About Totally Spies characters 2016-09-24
About Totally Spies characters
!pokemon ru/sa poll! 2003-11-15
hi! its just to know what do normal poeple think.
What age manga? 2009-01-17
This poll asks the age if those who read manga(unflopped)?
HitsuHina-Hitsugaya and Hinamori 2009-04-03
If u dont like HitsuHina then go away but seriously come on HitsuMatsu or HitsuKarin are morons ...
Naruhina 2009-07-17
Death note 2008-03-31 (closed)
whihc character is best in death note? (by the way I love lght the best!)
pinoy dream academy season 02 vs pinoy idol 2008 2008-07-22
pinoy dream academy season 02 vs pinoy idol 2008
Hoping for which Hayate no Gotoku ending? 2009-02-27
Hoping for which Hayate no Gotoku ending?
Sailor Moon Quiz 2001-04-16
If you get all of the questions right you win.
Favorite Japanese Show 2007-01-23
What is your favorite japanese cartoon
Inuyasha 2007-09-13
This poll is about what you already know about Inuyasha and which Couples are the best/should be ...
Wich epic anime is the best? 2010-02-15 (closed)
Wich epic anime is the best?
Who Is Your Favorite Naruto Female? 2011-04-22
Who Is Your Favorite Naruto Female?
Hey Digimon fans! Come hither now or else! 2005-02-04
I know the beginning episodes featuring Tai, Sora, Matt, Izzy, Mimi, Joe, and TK were aired years...
naruto battles extreme 2008-07-05
high rank ninja in kombat