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so did To-Love-ru really END 2009-09-02 (closed)
I mean come on!! that can't cant be the ending!
what do you think of the to love ru ending 2009-09-05 (closed)
what do you think of the to love ru ending
What MIA Bleach Character Do You Most Want to See Again? 2010-05-03
Which of the characters in Bleach, specifically out of the MANY whose whereabouts have been up in...
Naruto 2008-05-16
Bleach 2008-08-30
Code Geass Anime Poll 2009-06-09
Code Geass Anime Poll
Naruto 2007-12-06
Im a big Naruto fan.
what's ur fave anime or manga? 2008-06-22
choose your favorite anime or manga
Manga Is Complete Crap. 2008-10-11
Manga Is Complete Crap.
Pokemon 2007-12-30
This is all about pokemon....
The Best Naruto Ninja 2008-09-25
Naruto Neji Saskue Sakura lee gai tenten kakashi hinata shino kiba choji shikamaru i...
Death Match 2009 2009-04-09
Manga Characters vs Manga Characters
º•Another Dragonball/Z/GT Poll•º 2002-08-22
Just as the title says! :) And if you want me to add anything or anybody, just leave a message an...
Best Anime? 2006-03-20
Which anime do you think is the best?
!!!POKEMON!!! 2008-07-23
which Anime do you think ias the best of the best??? 2008-10-10
which Anime do you think ias the best of the best???
Which Naruto couples are stronger 2009-06-29
What if Naruto couples fought in 2-on-2 matches
anime characters comparison 2009-12-12
a comparison of some anime characters
CLAMP Manga 2006-04-07
For readers of CLAMP Manga/Graphic Novels/Novels
anime poll 2006-06-07
anime poll
Naruto vs. One Piece 2014-01-10
Battles! Action! Emotion! Which is the best anime out of these you choose, see what you like.
Goku vs Superman 2009-03-25
Goku vs Superman
Digimon vs. Pokemon 2001-05-08
Have you ever flipped the TV on and seen the insane hype for these two shows? Well my speech tea...
anime best of the best (bad guys) 2006-05-04
this is a poll to see who you think is the best anime bad guy
Avatar Poll 2008-05-05
Opinions on the show "Avatar: The Last Airbender"