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Character On Teen Titans 2006-07-06
Naruto - Fight 2009-08-15
Naruto - Fight
Favourite Naruto Character Poll 2010-06-16
Favourite Naruto Character Poll
who do you want to be the next girl moderator? 2009-07-14 (closed)
Sailor Moon / R / S / Super S poll 2009-09-26
A poll about the Sailor Moon anime, and Sailor Moon R, Sailor Moon S, and Sailor Moon Super S. On...
What are you favorite kinds of anime? 2005-02-24
A few questions about what kind of animes you perfer. if you don't like anime, you probably don't...
Naruto Hotties And Other Stuff!!! 2007-08-30
Girls And Guys Can Take This Poll.:)Just To Make It Fare.
ichigos choice 2009-09-06 (closed)
ichigos choice
"Only The best" 2006-01-12
"Only The best"
Bleach 2008-07-08
who would win naruto 2008-07-19
this is a poll to determin all the missing answers on who would win at naruto
Celebrity Death Fights 7: Anime Death Fights 2008-07-26
Yuri Hentai 2012-04-02
For hentai lovers, yuri especially.
Anime vs Marvel and D.c 2008-06-02
Anime vs Marvel and D.c
Naruto Poll 2008-12-29 (closed)
A poll about Naruto
Naruto characters hot or not 3 2009-07-21
Naruto characters hot or not 3
Your Naruto Family...? 2009-08-21
Your Naruto Family...?
NaruHina or NaruSaku 2014-01-06
This poll is to see which Naruto Couple you would prefer NaruHina or Narusaku to see get together...
Guys and "girly" cartoons and anime 2006-06-30
I'm a guy who happens to like shows that are "girly" like Sailor Moon and Cardcaptor Sa...
Who would win??? 2009-02-27
who do u think will win, in a battle to the death?
Inuyasha-Naruto-Bleach 2007-08-14
anime stuff reffering naruto, inuyasha and bleach
<Naruto Poll!> 2008-06-02
<Naruto Poll!>
what is your favorite anime 2009-02-21
Naruto 2010-05-03
My Many Naruto questions!
Anime vs Marvel 2008-04-30
Anime vs Marvel