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Anime / Manga


Favorite Anime 2011-09-14
I already made a poll like this but this one is updated.
Naruto Vs Dragonball Z 2009-12-11
who will win in an all out battle?
Bleach - The Best Espada 2010-01-06
this is to see what espada is most favourite. personally my fav is grimmjow
Favorite anime/manga!! 2011-09-14
what is your favorite anime/manga?
Naruto - What do you Prefer? 2007-09-10
What do you Prefer on these Naruto Questions?
Harem anime 2009-07-02
Harem anime
Fate/Stay Night - Which Route is your favorite? 2014-04-14
This poll is really only one question long and it's only for those people who have played the Fat...
what are your fav animes? share it with everyone and see how other respond =)
Anime poll 2016-01-11
Anime poll
Your Pactio 2009-07-18
The anime/manga "Negima! Magister Negi Magi" by Ken Akamatsu is a story about magic. In...
Which Anime is Better? 2009-10-14 (closed)
Which Anime is Better?
Naruto Poll 2009-12-11
If you where a ninja in Naruto, what would you be like. <img src="http://4smiley.com/smil...
Miss Anime and Manga 2009!!! 2009-12-11
In different areas of abilities, who do you think will succeed in the end?
Avatar Poll 2006-07-17
Simple questions to see how much you like Avatar.
sephiroth vs DBZ Characters 2008-08-30
My friends keep saying that any DBZ character could kill any Final Fantasy Character. Sephiroth v...
Who Should Haruhi Fujioka End Up With? 2009-06-03
In Ouran High School Host Club Haruhi Fujioka works in a host club dressed as a boy. There are 6 ...
Which Anime Couple should be together? 2010-06-16
Which Anime Couple should be together?
Favorite Anime/Manga Show 2007-12-07
Favorite Anime/Manga Show
Favorite Akatsuki 2008-01-08
Favorite Akatsuki
Anime vs. cartoons 2008-03-04
Anime vs. cartoons
New Pictures of Anime 2001-12-16
This poll was created to help me with my site. I edit and design anime and manga pictures to help...
INYUASHA 2005-07-05
What character are you?Find out which inu character your most like.
Favorite Death Note Character 2008-09-01
Who do you think is the coolest character?
Best of Anime (School) 2010-03-11
Vote for your favorite school and students from animes. Also take <a href='http://www.misterp...
Best studio Ghibli film 2008-04-09
Best studio Ghibli film