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Anime / Manga


Are sick of DBZ/Dragon Ball Z 2002-02-11
i made this poll for those DBZ hatere
Digimon vs. Pokémon 2002-01-14
This poll was created to see what people think of the two quite popular television shows.
*~*General Anime and Manga Poll*~* 2002-01-03
Well, this is a very short poll. I just want to know what anime or manga people like.
Anime Survivor 3's My Favorite Survivor Poll! 2002-01-03
Just for information...market research...and a secret that I can't disclose...
Tin Nyanko's Gundam Wing Poll 2001-12-31
Well c'mon then, which Gundam Boy/Girl is coolest?
What IS the real Sailor Moon? 2001-12-18
Wanna test your knowledge of Sailor moon>? Do it the easy way by taking this poll...then check...
Anime, Why? 2001-12-18
I'm just wondering why so many people prefer anime to cartoons. This poll is a result of my being...
New Pictures of Anime 2001-12-16
This poll was created to help me with my site. I edit and design anime and manga pictures to help...
Sailor Moon or CardcaptorSakura? 2001-12-16
Which do you think is better? Sailor Moon or Cardcaptor Sakura?
Fav. Tool For Attacking Digimon 2001-12-16
Welcome, DigiHaters! This is our first ever monthly poll for the new Poll Room. Please take th...
Anime Characters, like or no? 2001-12-03
Hm, I've noticed that there have been many Anime characters that I have fallen for, and see that ...
tHe rAnDoM aNiMe pOLL 2001-11-26
Just a Random Anime poll for your enjoyment! ^-^ So, enjoy!
Favorite Anime Cartoon 2001-11-24
Soo... What is it? Please only choose 1-2 shows.
Anime Survivor 3 Feedback Form 2001-11-12
If you've read it on Fanfiction.net (It's under Anime Crossovers there), then answer this simple ...
Which DBZ story do you like the best? 2001-10-23
Welcome! WFF wants to know which of these stories you like the best!
Favorite DBZ Character 2001-10-17
What is your favorite Dragonball Z character? Goku, Gohan, Vegeta...
DragonBallZ-GT-AF 2001-10-06
This Site Haz It All About DragonBallZ-GT-AF...And More About Those Things!
Sailor Moon 2001-08-15
It's about SM.
~*Anime*~ 2001-08-07
This is a poll for anime in gerneral!! But there might be a few Ryoga, Zazu and Heero questions t...
Pokemon!!! 2001-06-21
This is just for general interest, please answer as many questions as you can.
DBZCCGTips Poll - Which Character from the Trunks Saga... 2001-06-19
Which Main Personality from the Trunks Saga in the DBZCCG has the overall best personality abilit...
Favorite Anime/Game theme 2001-06-13
From various Animes and Games, come timeless classic themes, intros, endings, and then some.
Digimon vs. Pokemon 2001-05-08
Have you ever flipped the TV on and seen the insane hype for these two shows? Well my speech tea...
Gundam Wing 2001-04-29
1 2 3 vote!!
dragonballz 2001-04-28
dbz ROCKS!!!!!